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Discussion in 'Beef' started by waterinholebrew, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Hey all, need some advise from you brisket smokers out there. I know brisket can be soooo good but its kinda tricky. First one I done was a while back and it was decent. This one is for the family BBQ and wanna nail it !! Any help, suggestions or do's/dont's are very much appreciated. Also anyone know of a basic rub that they would be willing to share ?? Thanks in advance for any help !!
  2. Hi, SBC.
    Well I have a basic Texas style rub
    1/2 cup paprika
    1/3 cup brown sugar
    3 tblspns garlic powder
    3 tblspns onion powder
    2 tblspns oregano
    2 tblspns salt
    1teaspoon cayenne pepper
    Yield 1 1/2 cups
    Tweak to your taste. Used this exact recipe last week and it was a hit. I don't have a finishing sauce yet but I'm sure someone will post one.surprised they haven't yet:police2:
    Here is a q - view of what I found left of a 3 1/2 lb brisket when I came in. I was removing the rest of the chow and :devil:
    [ATTACHMENT=683]20130720_100302.jpg (1,789k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

    It won't. Let me upload the one I want to:devil:
    Good smoking!!!!!!!!!!:grilling_smilie:
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    Thanks ss, man that looks gooood !!! Thanks for the help, I am in debt to ya. Rub sounds awesome. Do you inject ?? And I be heard of some rubbing the brisket down with mustard first ?? Not sure about that ?? What's your opinion ? ;)
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Thanks Smoking B, I can't tell ya how much I appreciate your help !! I am in debt to ya, thanks again and keep on smokin !!
  5. I'm not big on mustard so if never slather it on a piece of meat, but I do recommend using your favorite oil.

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    Brisket (Check List)

    The meat, I always use a fuller packer, but it is more about your cooker size?

    Clean, dry, trim fat or not to trim, that is the question.

    If leaving the fat, fat size up (free biasing) or down (so it doesn’t wash off the rub)?

    The rub, store bought or homemade? The glue for the rub to stick to the meat or not? How soon to apply the rub before the smoke? Injection? Marinade?

    The smoke! Briskets can take even the hardest smokes, mesquite and hickory work but don't go over board. Foil or no foil?

    Rest time, slicing or pulling?

    Suggesting; Cooking temp 225 degrees, duration approximately 1.5 to 2 hours/#, Cook to approx. 175 degrees, foil to 190 degrees, bag and tag 1 or 2 hours use a toothpick to test doneness (approx. 203 1/2  degrees). Pull and allow to cool/rest at least 45 mins. Before attempting to carve or it will crumble. Still good just dang messy.

    Everything else is personal preference and some preferences do affect cooking times.

    LOL.. I gotta type faster........or get a sec. or one of those voice to text programs!
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  7. You're quite welcome!  [​IMG]   Any other questions feel free to ask  [​IMG]
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    Thanks Foamheart, very nice. I really appreciate the info and just can't believe when your down and out as to what to do, just ask here cause ya'll are a wealth of knowledge. I just feel humbled to be in your company, thanks for all the info and again thanks for having me on this forum. SMF, best bunch of smokin' folks around !!
  9. waterinholebrew

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    Thanks SmokinUT, appreciate the info. Just was wondering on the mustard thing, so far sounds like a no !! Thanks again to all !!
  10. foamheart

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    No Problem......... Don't forget to take notes. That way the next time you'll remember not only extactly what you did, but also what you'd like to try next to make it a better brisket. We all remember a day or two, but a month from now.......??

    We were all born with the ability to eat, nobody was born with the ability to cook. Hmmmmm.
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  11. I agree with all the above. But would like to add what I think is a very important thing and that is take a log of your entire cook and from when you start your fire to when you slice in. At the end of the evening when your full and thinking of how you could have done this or that better write it down. Then a couple day's. Later critique yourself and add it to the schedule you made and make the adjustments as needed. Keep doing this and before you know it you will have a tried and true method of your own.:yahoo:
    Good smokin :grilling_smilie:
  12. I guess I type to slow. Thumbs Up. Foamheart.
  13. Thanks. Smoking B for both the link and the gander. :biggrin:
    Saw a couple rubs I wanna try for sure.

    Happy smokin! !!!!!!!!!!!:grilling_smilie:
  14. You're quite welcome!  [​IMG]
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    Hello , Brewcrew. I'd jump in and offer advice, however I see you are on overload already. [​IMG]

    Best thing I can say is be Patient and when done - wrap in foil and towels and rest in a cooler for 2hrs, or so before the meal. It will stay hot and juicy and continue to tender-up.

    You'll knock thier socks off . . .[​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
  16. You've gotten lot's of great advice. I would add another option for a rub is McCormic Montreal Steak Seasoning. Not really traditional but good on just about any kind of beef.
  17. waterinholebrew

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    Ya'll really and truly humble me on this forum, I have been a part in a few discussion groups here and there on Good Ole BBQ and anytime anyone asked a true question on how to do something or advise, no one would ever respond. I guess they really did not want to help each other out when someone was at the verge of "throwing in the towel". Which brings me to my point, I asked last night on a brisket and wholly cow "no pun intended" you all step up to help this nobody newbie whom most, we have never talked before. My sincere appreciation goes out to each and everyone of ya'll and hope to get to know each of ya a little better. Not to be long winded but I felt this needed to be said and I am truly humbled to be a part of this forum, and as always Keep on Smokin' !!
  18. waterinholebrew

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    Ya'll truly humble me, I've been part of some BBQ discussion forums before but when someone asked someone a ? when they are about "to throw in the towel" no response. I asked a question on brisket last night and WOW, This forum is exactly what I was looking for, I am not a BBQ pitmaster. I am however a backyard BBQ'er & smoker thats been trial and error for 8+ years. However ya'll and some of you I have never met, step up and give a nobody newbie some advise. I am in debt to ya'll and I am truly humbled by ya'll. Hope maybe someday I can help ya'll out but does not seem likely with all your expertise, so for now a BIG thanks to everyone. Thanks, WHB

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