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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smoking gun, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Ok I've done the ribs, shoulder roast and now the pork Butt. I'm wanting to do a brisket this weekend if I can get enough time off work. I'm not sure about some of the things I've read here. I went through the basic brisket smoke thread and I'm wondering whats the difference in a flat and a packer? Which would be better for a first time brisket smoke? Which wood do you prefer for brisket? I'm thinking I'll use mesquite with some pineapple juice, water, and some pineapple slices in the water pan. (thats what I used on the roast) The pork butt was 8.5 lbs and it took about 13 hours to get to 205 for pulling. I plan on slicing the brisket, would a brisket the same size take about the same time? Also I used Meowy's mix of apple juice and spiced rum to baste the butt, would you recommend that for brisket? I have a couple local places that do smoked brisket and next to ribs I think it's the best.I know this is a lot of questions but I definitely want to do it right. Thanks for the help.

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    A packer is a point and a flat combined. Typically a few more lbs. in weight, and is more versatile in my opinion, cause ya can get both sliced and pulled meat... WHEE!

    Beef can stand up to Mesquite, I don't care for it..I like my hickory...but it's personal pref here. And you can put whatever ya want in the won't matter. Remember that pineapple has enzymes that will break meat down. Be VERY careful with a papaya or pineapple marinade.
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    Thanks Rich, I guess it's time to go by the butcher shop tomorrow and see what he has. One question, If doing a packer what temp would you take it to to pull part and slice part? I'm assuming you'd slice the flat right?


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