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  1. I bought 12lb brisket to smoke on my maserbuilt smoker. I think I am gonna have to cut it in half to make it fit. I am going to use 225 for my temperature. Someone give me a educated guess. Is it goin to take 6-7 hours because I cut it in to. Or, will take more like 12 hours because total weight of the brisket? I hope this does not sound stupid. Thanks
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    you will here it's done when it's done. but in all honesty u can guess around 1.5 hr per pound. instead of cutting it next time try making it tent in the middle. I have the same smoker and need to do this some times. it will shrink during the smoke. and it sounds like what u have is a brisket flat. I have not seen a full packer at that weight. by cutting it i would think the skinny end of the flat would get done a little faster. just shoot for the targeted temp and then there is no guessing. and we want
  3. I was wanting to eat it for lunch tomorrow. And being lazy, I was wanting to put it in the smoker and go to bed. I was trying to decide to put it on at midnight or like 3am? What internal temperature do you perfer 190?
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    If it is 12 lbs, it is most likely a packer. That's a pretty common packer weight. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a flat that big though.

    I don't have any experience with your smoker but if you leave it whole, you'd better put it on before midnight if you want to eat it for lunch and even then that will be pushing it with resting time and all.. They do shrink as GOT14U said so if it seems a little tight to start, it may fit nicely after it cooks awhile.

  5. I just double checked, it is 10lbs. I am gonna put it on about 9pm tonite and hopefully it will be done 9am-11am tomorrow so I can cooler it for awhile. Thanks very much for your replies. You are helpful.
  6. ddave

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    Still may be a packer. The last one I did was 10.5 pounds.

    Your timeline sounds like a good plan. Let us know how it goes. I'd run the smoker a little higher though - probably about 240ish.

    Good luck.

  7. got14u

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    I stand corrected for some reason I had the price in my head thinking it was the lb's.....i was thinking 20-21lb packer but that is what we pay for them hear....thanks for correcting.
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    Sounds like you have it all planned out... Please let me know how it comes out because I just got back from the butcher and I am super excited to do it up right... Please post your pics when done!
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    when I did my packer I cut just enoung off the flat end to make it fit.
    then the small piece I had left about 1.5# flat I brined into a corn beef and
    made a pastrami out of it!
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    Two weeks ago, I think, I did a 12 lber and it took 13 hours. Now that was at a higher temps too. I like to keep my temps around 235 to 245 F.
  11. ddave

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    Same here . . . almost exactly . . .except mine was a 10.5 pounder, but I had a little "episode" with the temps. Mostly averaged around 235° to 245° though like you said.

    I'm with you . . . I'd bet he's looking at at least a 13 hour smoke.

  12. scubadoo97

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    The first smoke on my MES was a 13 lb packer brisket. After consulting the ones in the know here at SMF I didn't cut it but bent it to fit the 14" square MES rack. It didn't take long for the brisket to lay flat once some of the fat started to melt.
  13. Okay guys....My brisket was absolutely the best I have eaten!!! I rubbed it down with mustard, on half I used Jeff rub and the other half, I used salt, ground pepper and celery salt. It only took 12 hours. I never moped it. I was very surprised and the 12 hour mark the therometer slid into the thick end like it was butter. I had reached 193 degrees. I pulled the brisket off the smoker and foiled into a cooler for 2 hours. I could not believe after 2 hours in the cooler the brisket was extremely hot. I used apple and cherry wood chips. Sorry I forgot to get pictures. Me and my wife tore into it like dogs it was so good. Thanks again for your suggestions and comments.
  14. 1894

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    [​IMG] Congrats !!!! [​IMG]

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