Brisket, pulled pork and tenderloins for the 4th

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    1st off, i hope everybody had an Awesome 4th of July with family and friends....i know i sure did

    started off wednesday night, my girl friend helped out by getting a couple pork shoulders and a brisket ready...the pork shoulders were for my mom and i was being selfish with the brisket and kept it for the direct family.  no pic's of that prep...every body has seen that a ton of times

    used the trusty MES40 temp set at 235 using some mesquite, cherry and apple dust for smoke flavor

    put these in around 10:30 wednesday night

    woke up to a wonderful smell coming from the smoker at 7 am...internal temp was around 165 on all 3 items so they got double foiled and back into the smoker

    brisket was pulled at internal temp of 195 and tossed in a cooler with a few towels....the pork shoulders were pulled at internal temp of 203 and tossed in the cooler as well for a few hours

    as you can tell the brisket was moist and tender along with the pulled pork


    now for a few pork loins

    did a modified version of Jeff's pork loin braid from a few newsletter back

    used some coconut palm sugar and cinnamon for flavor

    placed in the MES 40 smoker temp was set at 240 for these guys and i used peach chips for smoke flavor

    pulled and placed in foil when they reached internal temp of 145 and let them set with a towel covering them for a hour 

    my mom loved the look and flavor of these


    now for the hit of the BBQ with family and friends

    seared apple cinnamon and coconut palm sugar rolled pork tenderloin

    smoked with the braided loins up top

    sliced up the apples to roughly an 1/8 in thick placed in a pan with a lil EVOO and covered with cinnamon and coconut palm sugar..just started to sprinkle...really no measurements taken

    filleted out the tenderloin so it was about a 1/4 in thick..put a thin coating of EVOO on the loin and gave it a light dusting with the cinnamon and coconut palm sugar

    seared the apples til they were soft and placed them on the loin

    rolled up and and a bit more cinnamon and coconut palm sugar on the top

    out of the smoker at internal temp of 145 and rested in foil and under a towel for an hour before slicing

    a few shots of the loin sliced up and ready for the guests

    thank you for looking!!  have a great day!!
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    That all looks very good
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    Thank you RdKnB

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