Brisket on SFB?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by stubborn, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. stubborn

    stubborn Fire Starter

    I've done butts, but never a brisket. This will be on a CG Duo with SFB, with the deflector mod to keep temp down coming out of SFB. I assume I put the thicker end towards the SFB? I'll be using lump with chunks of apple and/or pecan.
  2. mike91mr

    mike91mr Newbie

    Any guess what the temp differences are between the hot side and cold side?

    I've got a CG Pro, and I usually just take the time to rearrange things occasionally. In the case of something like a brisket, I'll put the thicker side near the heat, but if it looks like it is cooking faster on one side, I'll just rotate it.
  3. stubborn

    stubborn Fire Starter

    With the diffuser I have at the SFB opening into the main chamber, I only vary about 10 degrees across the cooking chamber. SFB side is cooler by about 20 degrees using the chimney-dryer duct extension internally; Without the extension, the SFB side runs about 10 degrees hotter. I know some folks turn the charcoal pan over in the main chamber, but I have had no luck with that at all. Really drops the temp without reducing the variances, and increases fuel consumpiont/babysitting.

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