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  1. I'm going to do my first brisket for tomorrow. It's the "1ST CUT" WHATEVER THAT MEANS. It's almost 8lbs. Do I have to stay up all night to throw in wood chunks in my master built electric smoker? Or just for the first few hours? I would like it to be ready to serve at around 2pm on Sunday. (Today being valentine's day)
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    I only smoke mine the first 3-4 hours. After that it has absorbed all the smoke it is going to absorb.
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  3. I smoke the whole time. I have a AMNPS so I can go to sleep. You can smoke the first few hours and the go get some sleep if you want. Just remember it would have been better if you stayed up. So now it is up to you. Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

  4. Can I keep it warm for a few hours without it drying out? I'd it's done before guests arrive I need to do something with it.
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    wrap it and put it in a warm cooler.

  6. Here it is at the starting point. 8lbs flat brisket or 1st cut. I rubbed it down last night (Friday night). Started it tonight (saturday) at 9pm. 225f in smoker. I will try to remember to post more pics. Wish me luck
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  7. I kept my brisket, that was finished today, in the cooler for 4.5 hours from pulling off the smoker to slicing. It was very moist and tender. Make sure it's wrapped tight and then wrap it in towels. It will be fine. It's a smokers sacrifice, less sleep makes for a better brisket. Set your alarm and take sleep breaks throughout the night.
  8. Thanks PapaDon. I usually do "sacrifice" when I do pork butts but I'm just not able to this time. It's good to know that it can be in the cooler so long. Thank you
  9. Well I awoke and went downstairs to such a clammer. The alarm on my thermometer was ringing away. The brisket peaked at 207f. Yikes. It will be in the cooler now all wrapped up. How bad do you all think it will be. I did do the poke test. It was very soft throughout. Hopefully the BBQ trolls will favor me this time. Before you all say it I know I should have been checking on it but it just wasn't possible this time. Thanks for all your input
  10. Here it is
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    Hopefully it will be fine,it looks good!
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  12. I think it will be great, it looks good. When are you serving it?
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  13. Company will be coming at 2pm. So hopefully it will be warm until then. I filled my cooler with hot water to warm it up, dumped the water and added the meat which is quadruple wrapped in foil, then towel. Also added a towel to the bottom of the cooler and one on top of the wrapped brisket.
  14. I will post some pics of the smoked and dried kabasi that I do. Along with spek (European smoked bacon that is eaten without frying) and some pork loins that are smoked and dried for months. I'm a first generation Croatian and like to keep the traditions alive.
  15. By the way did I mention that it is -4 degrees farenheit outside? The master built 40 worked great
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    207 should be fine, judging by the looks of it. 2pm is a long way away, if by noon its cooling off, I would probably put it in the food saver and when the time came, drop it in boiling water. Never done that myself, its just an idea.
  17. That's an idea mtime7 I think I will put my heating pad in the cooler. At a medium setting I keeps stuff at 105 to 110
  18. Dad and I with 70 lbs of fresh kabasi. Next they go into the smokehouse

    Here we have the spek which at the time was new on the smokehouse along with the pork loins in the background. All these meats literally take months to make. The longest part of the process is air drying in the cold winter winds
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  20. I would say 207 will be just fine, Aaron Franklin doesnt pull his briskets till 200

    How big is the cooler its in?   if its not super big and its not sitting outside in cold weather, I would guess it will hold the heat just fine till 2pm

    I've had briskets stay in the cooler for over 3 hours and still be over 150

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