Brisket froze up

Discussion in 'Beef' started by matthew evans, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Bought a full packer that was sealed and packed on the 8th with the plan to wet age for 30 days.  I set the fridge on high because I presumed people would access the fridge about once a day.  Went to San Francisco for a week and came back the other day to a frozen brisket.  Lowered the fridge temp and since them it is slowly getting to a normal fridge temp.  Am I good to continue for another week?  Or should I just get it open and smoked this weekend?  I'm sure freezing it just defeated the point of wet aging. But just wondering if someone else has had this issue?
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    This is a good question for Chef Jimmy J.

    He should be along shortly.

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    The Aging stopped when it froze. Defrost and smoke it as freezing tenderizes anyway and you will not gain anything waiting a couple of weeks longer...JJ

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