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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokymcsmokster, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. smokymcsmokster

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    so I'm pretty new to smoking, i smoked a beef brisket and a pork butt yesterday and I'm very pleased with my first smoke! next weekend i told my mother inlaw i would bring a brisket for easter sunday so without having to put the brisket on at like 3am what is my best tact to have it ready for brunch? should i smoke it the day before and just heat in the oven the next day? 
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    That's exactly what you should do.  Smoke it as normal, allow it to rest, cool it down and then reheat in a pan with juices and sealed in foil.

    Jeff's Newsletter should help
  3. smokymcsmokster

    smokymcsmokster Fire Starter

    thanks for the reply! and thats what i though, but would it be as good as day one? and how high should i put it in the oven at 250?
  4. yotzee

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    I usually have left over brisket and its always awesome left over.  I usually slice it up and heat it with BBQ sauce for sandwiches.  Don't over think it, you will be fine.

    You can heat it back up anywhere from 250-300.  You are only rewarming, not cooking.  So when its warm enough to eat its ready.  If you let it stay too long then you risk drying it out.  Keeping juice and tightly covered in foil should keep that from happening.

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