Brisket first time -- couple of questions

Discussion in 'Beef' started by hbark, May 19, 2011.

  1. hbark

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    So for our church auction this year, we sold a dinner called "Smoker Surprise", which we advertised as me smokin' something but not sure what, could be brisket, pulled pork, ribs, whatever.  Sold for $80/person for 10 people, yikes.  Anyway in the past I've done a decent job on babybacks, turkey, smoked salmon, but never tried a full packer brisket. 

    Naturally I need to practice and test before the big day (in August).  I've been reading and collecting many of your "secrets" and tips from this forum, great stuff!  But after all that, I still have just a couple of questions -- for now!

    1.  Around here it seems to be tough to find a place that sells the big (8-10 lb) packers.  Not Costco, all I see are smaller flats there.  I've seen them in WalMart, but not all the time.  Question -- how long can I keep it in my refrig before needing to get it smokin?  I figure if I see one at WalMart I want to grab it when needed.

    2.  Seems that there is no sure fire (no pun intended!) way to time the smoking so that it's ready shortly before eating time.  It's done when it's done, right??   And some of you folks say it even tastes better after a couple of days as leftover.  So I'm thinking to make it maybe 2-3 days in advance of when we're serving it -- we'll taste test it here of course -- when it's all done, slice it up, wrap it up, then reheat when people are here.  Make sense?  Reheat in the smoker or wherever??

    I think that's it.  Looking forward to it.  Will post results with qview around this time next week!

    Thanks for any and all help!!

  2. smokinal

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    Since you have a choice of what to smoke I would go with the pulled pork. It's much easier to smoke & everybody loves a good PP sammie, but frankly since the folks are paying $80 a piece why not smoke some Prime rib and give them their monies worth. It's easier than PP & you could smoke it right at the dinner. It's pretty easy to predict the finish time for a rib roast & I'm sure they would like to smell the smoke drifting through the air. 
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  3. hbark

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    Thanks Al.  I was gonna try the pulled pork next.  Some friends and family members love to be guinea pigs when I test stuff like this.  I was thinking I could serve brisket (made earlier in the week) and pulled pork and some babybacks too.  In addition to the meats, we serve plenty of appetizers, sides, drinks and desserts so the folks definitely get their money worth!!

    I never thought of a rib roast, but I'll start checking into that too -- thanks for the idea.
  4. oldschoolbbq

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       Good point Al,however,he could smoke the briskets ahead of time also and (I have done this)freeze them and re-heat @225*f in oven.The slicing should wait until ready to serve to reduce moisture loss.A Brisky will last 3-4months in the freezer,and if slowly heated on low of the oven,will be as if fresh.Use an electric knife to slice(unless you have a slicer).Catch the juice in the fiol for moisture,and have a little sauce on the tables.Make your meat sell itself,there should be no BBQ sauce(IMHO).

       It will go well and you'll get good reviews from your work;and customers too.

    Have fun and;
  5. smokinal

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    This one may be a little rare for your group, but who wouldn't want this on their plate.

  6. rdknb

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    I agree for that much money Prime rib sounds best, as far as timing on brisket.  I smoke it the day before and slice when it is cold,
  7. bearcarver

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    I agree with Al & Rd King.

    You could make your brisket a day or two ahead of time & reheat it, but Even when not on sale, you can get enough Prime Rib for under $10 per head.

    On sale you can get it for $5 or $6 a head, or you can get lucky & get it FREE.  [​IMG]

    Then you can check Al's Prime Rib post out, or take look at mine in my signature below.

    We can help you make a Prime Rib 10 times better than you can get a Angelo's or the Churchville Inn.

  8. Be for warned, some Wal*Marts have only 'pre packaged' meats, and they are NOT ALWAYS the best cuts.  Whereas most SAM'S clubs have an open butcher shop, so you can see the cuts of meat, and make requests.

    IMHO                 Larry
  9. raptor700

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    I like the PR idea,

    Shorter smoke time

    Better quality..........etc.

    What ever you choose to do, we'll be waiting for the Qveiw
  10. hbark

    hbark Fire Starter

    Thanks for the responses! So many choices... need to find a friend with a Sams Club card.

    And that prime rib sure looks good!

    Bearcarver -- FYI the Churchville Inn's been closed for a few months, they had a fire.
  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That's alright---The food will be better at your house anyway!  [​IMG]


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