Brisket envy is a terrible thing!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jirodriguez, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. jirodriguez

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    So after watching everybody else do briskets I got jelous and had to do one as well (or whatever other excuse I can find to fire up the smoker). Wen't to my local Cash & Carry and picked up a 14.26 lb. full packer and a 40 lb. bag of Lazzari lump (lump was $13.95 [​IMG]  for 40 lbs.!).

    To start I decided to keep the rub simple 1 part salt, 1 part fresh ground pepper, 1 part ganulated garlic, 1 part paprika, and a teaspoon of cayenne powder for kick.[​IMG]

    Here is the brisket right out of the bag.... ain't she a beuty!


    ...... got it all trimmed up and seperated the point from the flat - I forsee some burnt ends in my near future! [​IMG]


    Gave it a slather of yellow mustard to glue the rub on and dusted it with a generous amount of rub.


    OK.... some of you may remember a thread that NW Dave posted about Lazzari that you buy in those 40 lb. bags. Well here is an idea of what you get. All of the stuff in my charcoal ring is after I broke it into "smaller" chunks using a hammer - one piece was about a foot and a half long and about 7 inches around. Also note the fire screen ontop of my chimney - that is a must have with Lazzari because it is like the 4th of July when it gets going.




    .... OK, back to the meat! put the brisket on the bottom rack of the WSM and borrowed a trick from Al and piled all the trimmed fat on the top rack.



    Well it was about 12:30 AM when I got it all set and running steady at 220°, so time for a little shut eye.....

    ..... several hours later thanks to the magic of the internet! Ready to foil at 165° internal temp., and the fat chunks on top get tossed except for the two that got chopped up and tossed into the dogs food.



    .... fast forward again, poit came out at 190° to get chopped up and turned into burnt ends. Flat was at 185° so left it foiled for now.


    ... tossed them with some Sweet Baby Rays, and back onto the smoker for a couple of hours..... mmmmmmm!!!


    Currently back to waiting. While I was posting this the flat got to 190°, I pulled it out of the foil and put it back on the grates. I will let it ride till it gets to 205° and that will also firm up the bark nicely. I will post some more pics after things finish up!
  2. rbranstner

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    Brisket is a wonderful thing isn't it. Great  job!
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  3. rdknb

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    that look great, well done
  4. ellymae

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    Brisket Envy - isn't that one of the 7 deadlys Well I'm a sinner then - that looks AWESOME!

    I need some burnt ends.
  5. Great looking brisket...can't wait for the money shots. Those burnt ends look fantastic also. [​IMG]
  6. Looks great!!  Burnt ends are the best. 
  7. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looking Great Johnny!


  8. les3176

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    OH MAN!!! That looks great for sure....hope i get there in time for dinner!!!!!  [​IMG]
  9. jp61

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    You guys are killin' me! Another awesome looking brisket and burnt ends... nice job!
  10. raptor700

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    Gotta love the Brisky!

    lookin' good   [​IMG]
  11. jirodriguez

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    OK... now for some drool view:

    First up a little pre-dinner "snack"..... nothing like a little "man candy" to get the digestive juices going.


    Here is a shot of the brisket right as I pulled it out with an internal temp of 201°


    ..... after 17 hrs. here is how much fuel I had left from my original load..... got to love the WSM, yeah baby! [​IMG]


    Shot of the brisket after it has rested for an hour.... it was so tender that it started to fall apart along the grain. Can you say "Got bark?" [​IMG]


    The obligatory slicing shot.... [​IMG]


    .... and now for the grand finally, the MONEY shot! Sitting perty next to an artichoke and some couscous. [​IMG]

  12. jirodriguez

    jirodriguez Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    ..... and thank you all for the nice feedback. [​IMG]
  13. meateater

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    Nice looking brisky. I like the fat on the top rack idear. [​IMG]
  14. jirodriguez

    jirodriguez Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Well I stole that idea from Al, so I can't claim that one... lol
  15. realtorterry

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    Awesome! Nice qview too!!
  16. beer-b-q

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    Looks Terrific Johnny...[​IMG]
  17. scarbelly

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    Looking good Johnny - I love arthichokes too - nice plate
  18. smokinal

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    Awesome Johnny! I hope your burnt ends make the carousel, but I think the sliced shot is the one that will make it. Did you like the idea of putting the fat on the top rack? It sure looks like the brisket was plenty juicy!
  19. fpnmf

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    Looks delicious!!!

  20. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    AWESOME !!!!

    Nice job Johnny!

    (Job Johnny?)

    Thanks for some great views!


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