Brisket crust concerns? Urgent help?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by eh1bbq, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. eh1bbq

    eh1bbq Fire Starter

    Please look closely. How does th crust look to you? I've got a few light spots from fat pooling or whatever but the crust almost looks carbonized somewhat. Could this have been from fat dripping into the fire? Big brisket = some overhang in the WSM but just want to make sure as I'm feeding people at work. I think you know where I'm coming from.....

  2. c farmer

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    Looks good to me. 
  3. You didn't say what was in your rub.  Sugar?  If so you are probably looking at Carmelized (burnt) sugar.  I know Im late to the thread but it looks fine to me. 

  4. eh1bbq

    eh1bbq Fire Starter

    Thanks all. Got it sorted out. It was just a nice crust forming. Came out of the cooker like a meteor. Pretty sad state of affairs when the look of a proper crust makes you doubt yourself eh?

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