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Discussion in 'Beef' started by huskerfarmer, Dec 31, 2007.

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    I'm starting a 9lber tomorrow any advice will be greatly appreiciated. Temp to cook at and approx cooking time, mops etc. Using a DBS.
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    I would slap some Worcestershire's on it then use a rub. Place it on the smoker at 225* until the brisket reaches 160*. Wrap in foil and take up to 190*. Wrap it in a towel or newspaper and place it in a cooler for an hour or so. Slice and eat. It could be an all day cook so have plenty of adult beverages.
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    I don't know what a DBS is. The recipe that MossyMo cited is the only way that I do them now on my GOSM gasser. I use a 2/1 ratio of Hickory/Mesquite chunks on briskets now. Brisket is better with some heavy smoke flavor, as opposed to apple or maple, for example.

    A few minor changes. Ususally Flats are the only thing that I can find, so I find one in the 9-10 lb. range. I cut it in half so it's approximately as long as wide. Pack with pepper per instructions. Get the GOSM going and the Weber, with lots of lump, going at the same time. Sear both halves per instructions. In to foil pans for three hours with no turning or spritzing, only a little beer in the bottom of each pan if there is no liquid on its' own. Turn over after three hours for another three hours on that side. Make sure that there is at least a little liquid in the bottom every hour or so.

    Take off the GOSM, cover each pan with foil, put a thermo in each piece thru the foil and in to the oven at 250*. Keep an eye on the thermo's; at about 1.5 hours in the oven you should be at 200* internal. If one is ahead of the other, pull the more advanced one out and let the behinder one catch up.

    When both are 200*, both are in the oven set at 200-205* for an hour to rest. Remove and either slice or pull. The brisket halves will jiggle like jello.

    So sear, three in smoke on one side, three in smoke on the other side, 1.5 in the oven at 250*, and one in the oven at 200*. That's 8.5 hours by my count, just to give you a rough estimate for supper time timing. But make sure that you let the meat tell you when it's done; it may take less or more time.

    Goat is absolutely right: make sure that plenty of adult beverages are available.


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