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    So for those of you with more experience than those of us with less experience, I started this thread to allow some specific sharing of recipes that are favored by our friends and families.

    Please keep insults and criticism to a dull roar, we are all different, have different tastes, likes and dislikes, etc.

    This is not intended for the disclosure of generational "secret family recipes," but if you have a good one and care to share, we'd all love to read about it, try it out, and give some feedback.

    Also, I understand that BBQ guys are pretty protective about this subject matter, but we all know we LOVE to brag......

    With all that being said, please allow me to make a few requests for the enjoyment of all:

    1. If you post a recipe here, please do so while keeping in mind the fact that newbies like myself will eventually find this thread and want to try one of the items found. So please be specific about measurements, times, temperatures, step-by-step so that a child could follow along.

    2. Please post pictures. Not just with the recipe, but if you try one, let us all know how it turned out.

    3. Respect each other. There are those that hunt, those that cook the hunted, and those that eat the meal. We all fit into one or more category, so be nice....


    Let the smoking begin!!!

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