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  1. I need a little advice.  Received my new TMLE and have been reading previous threads about the mods to do to it.  Are there any that are must do.  I don't want to get the thing assembled and the have to take it apart to modify, the rtv silicone.  What about the charcoal box and baffle/tuning plate.  I would rather take the time and do it right than to set it up and babysit it hours on end.  Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe that I am the ONLY person on the planet Earth that owns one of these smokers!  Just my luck!
  3. Use the advanced search and expand the search by just typing in TRAILMASTER. ... You will get a full list of posters with these units .. Then send out some PM's

    That way if the member has not been active he/she will get an e-mail and may be get involved in the form again ..

    I do not have a unit like this , so I do not know how different it is from the standard smoker of it's style ..

    A belated welcome to the form ...... :yahoo:

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  5. Thanks for the reply guys.  I thought that I had already offended everyone by asking a dumb question or maybe one that had been asked a thousand times.  Thanks again on the tips, not the best a new site navigation!!
  6. Ask for any other search tips if you need them .. Also check out the wood burner form ( if that is what it is ) .. Look at the q-view pics also as you will see other smoker setups like yours in action and pick up some tricks.. Do a search on frog mats ( but be temperature wise as not for grilling ) but may be a help in smoking if the rails are wide on your unit.

  7. I just bought one also the other day and still haven't used it yet.  I am looking for the good mods also
  8. NJS83-  I put mine together on Saturday.  I used Rutland Stove and Gasket Cement (rated at 2000 deg) attaching the firebox to the chamber, the smoke stack to the chamber and when I put the firebox together.  The only leaks that are present now from the smoke chamber lid.  On Sunday I made the charcoal box out of 3/4 inch expanded metal, roughly 10x10x8 and a baffle/tuning plate out of 1/8 inch steel plate.  If you would like exact measurements and/or pictures just let me know, more than happy to help out!!
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    Snowbuck - where did you get the steel / steel plates?  I am looking into getting one of these smokers and wanted to get all the stuff for the mods at the same time.

  10. Vic- I purchased the materials locally in Denver at a place called Den-Col. I did a little research and found a company called Gem City Steel in Marietta that should be able to help you out. I bought 1/8" steel plate for the tuning/baffle plate and 3/4" expanded metal for the charcoal basket. I did all of the custom fabrication myself to ensure a perfect fit. I have all the measurements and pictures of both. Let me know if you have any other questions and/or want the measurements and pics. Thanks- Buck
  11. Snow,

    I know its been a bit since you built your plates, but do you have or can you take some pics of your tuning plates and provide dimensions.  I am going to buy my TMLE this weekend and use it as a winter project to get it tuned and ready to go.  Appreciate any help you or others can provide.

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  13. can you please send me your measurements and pics please.
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    Yes, there are tons of posts about this smoker in another forum.  I have one and I am waiting for my neighbor to finish my mods, but I have been smoking on it since I bought it.  I have added the 90* turn down to the smoke stack, added lava rock to the bottom, and made a charcoal basket.  He is supposed to build my baffle and tuning plates, but I have been smoking without them.  I have to babysit a little, but I have been able to maintain temps using more wood than charcoal.  Whether it is here or on the other post, post q-views and keep us up to date on your progress!!  [​IMG]
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  16. Hello

    I just picked up the Brinkmann TMLE smoker today and have done a couple mods so far, which I owe thanks to everyone who shared their mods. I'm going to get some tuning plates made out of steel. I'm thinking 1/4 to help retain some of the heat. I'll have holes drilling varying in size, starting at 1/2 on the firebox side up to 1 1/2" on the stack side.

    The mod in the pic is a piece of sheet metal cut and shaped to the curvature of the main chamber of the pit near the stack side. There's about a 3" gap between the side wall and my insert sheet metal. I'm hoping this will help with keeping an even control  of the temp near the cooking surface

    Here's a pic with the grates in place

    This pic is piece of sheet metal shaped to the curvature of the firebox. My removable ash pan seemed drafty so I bent the sheet metal to block the opening of the ash pan. I'll attach a handle of some sort so I can lift the sheet metal out to allow the ashes to then fall into the removable ash pan which I'll then remove for cleaning. 

    I also made the charcoal basket as everyone has suggested. 

    I still have to make the door gaskets. After that I'll initiate her with a curing fire and see if I have any other leaks or areas that'll need addressing. I can't wait to give her a go. I'll have a bit of a learning curve as I've been accustomed to using my vertical electric smoker. I'll be sure to post pics of when I break my cherry on using a stick burner. Thanks for the time
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    Looks great donger22!!  Keep posting pics and don't forget the Q-Views on your first smoke!!  [​IMG]   
  18. I Have done the 90 degree exhaust pipe, sealed the seams except the doors yet, I made an attempt at a tuning plate but I'm not real happy with it. Ive also got to make the basket.

    Donger22 you exhaust baffle looks great and I like the ash tray cover. Let us know how it works.
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    I agree.  Wish I would have done your exhaust baffle.  Awesome!!
  20. . Go to YouTube and check out Kay Ray he has great stuff on there for the Trailmaster good luck
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