Brinkmann LE Mods

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by smokin bison, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. I just bought a BLE and are in the process of doing the nessary mods to it. So far I have order the following.

    1. A couple new temp gauges and put them at grate level.
    2. 2 latches to help make the CC tight to prevent leaks.
    3. Gaskets to go on FB and CC.
    4 I do plan on putting some high temp grommets in to run my new mavrick wires through.
    5. Plan on bring my stack down as well.

    My questions would be, I plan on putting in a convection plate in. how big should a guy make it? How big should each row of holes be?

    Also I did find a thread on here that some made a RF out of this same model, just curious if anyone else thought of that and if so how low do you have to move the FB because your stack would be in the way?

    Thanks every one who helps me out... I have a few months to practice before December to smoke for the Famliy...
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  3. Looking for advice on how to make the plate... How would I have pics.

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