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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by chefal, Nov 15, 2009.

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    So far I have only cooked on the top rack of my brinkmann gourmet smoker. I would like to start using both racks since I am smoking anyway.

    Which foods do better on the lower rack, which is just above the water pan?
  2. I use both racks and rotate from one to the other--for example, today I made jerk chicken, 2 different spice levels 'cause there are those in my family who can't handle the habanero, so I put the mild on one rack and the hot on another, started with the mild on top and the hot on bottom, switched racks and flipped the chicken pieces about an hour into the smoke. Or, I might have a couple of pork butts on the top rack and some hot links on the bottom rack. Also sometimes when I'm halfassing a cold smoke I'll make a very small fire, fill the water pan with ice and use the bottom rack only.
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    I always found larger cuts that you don't mess with that much work best but also always keep raw poultry over the bottom, above that raw pork and above that raw beef in those orders.
    Though that is a cross contamination issue but if you have chicken on the top for 3 hours and pork or beef on the bottom for 10 hours I don't see why that would hurt.
    Also things with bacon would be better on the top so the moisture isn't so intense on it.

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