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  1. Well I took a few folks advice and broke down and bought this red torpedo.  LOL  I made some modifications to it by adding a King Kooker Deep fry thermometer to the top side of the cover.  I drilled a hole just barely big enough to slide the thermo through and still not loose heat.  Works GREAT!  I also bought another rack to put in the bottom to place my water pan full of sand on with foil cover.  I have smoked with the sand and without: The results with the sand were about 20 degrees hotter.  You still need to put a water pan on the next rack up.  I use one of my grannies old stainless pots and add 25% apple juice and 50% water and wow that apple juice gave it a great flavor.  I use a mix of hickory and mesquite and with the apple juice the final product was good enough to make your tongue lap your eyebrows.   Another piece of advice; You need to make sure you clean your unit after each use.  Meaning the racks, cover, and keep the ash pan clean.  I didn't do it after two uses and I didn't achieve the same heat level.  Not sure what difference that makes, but after cleaning it, I got it back up to the proper temp which was a consistant 225-250 degrees.


    clean [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Hi I used my electric smoker for the first time today and the thing wouldn't go past 200 degrees... I was wondering if you can take pictures of how you set up another pan for the sand? thanks for the help!

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