Brinkman electric, chips, chunks, dust?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by arrowhunter, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. arrowhunter

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    I just got an electric brinkman smoker, the red "cylinder" type.  I got it for $3.00 at a garage sale so I couldn't pass it up.  My question is what do you guys use withit, chips, chunks or sawdust and how do you use it?  Do you wrap it in tinfoil and lay it on the element?  Is there supposed to be a metal chip box with it?
  2. pineywoods

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    Many people make foil packs of chips poke a few holes in the foil and lay it near the heating element but not on it and it should work
  3. smokinal

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    My buddy has one & he uses chunks next to the element.
  4. bearcarver

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    Any room in there for an AMNPS ??

  5. I started out with one of those 20 some years ago and it came with a piece of metal that stood over the a section of the element ( middle part of element ) with another piece welded on top with sides so the chips wouldn't fall off. I still have it and sometimes use it to do ribs and pork butt, The highest it get is 240* low and slow and it's well seasoned.
  6. arrowhunter

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    i dont know what to do, anything i use just flames up and gets way too hot in the smoker.  frustrating!

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