Brining Beef????

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jbrophy, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. jbrophy

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    Hi everyone
    I am new to the smoking world and I posted my intro msg a few days ago. I just got my smoker and my dad emailed me and said he suggested I brine all my meats to prevent spoiling in the smoker. I have not really read this before. It seemed like brine serves to juicier/flavorize pork and polutry. Any truth to this suggestion?

  2. richtee

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    Perhaps he meant CURING meats... but as long as your meat goes from 40 to 140°F within 4 hours yer safe. Sausages and jerky are the exception typically, because of either lower smoking temps or anticipation of room temp storage. Also the ground meat stigma.
  3. pineywoods

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    Brining depending upon how and what its done with would not solve the "spoiling problem" he perceives. With that being said we don't really face problems with hot smoking as most of us do as long as you follow the recommended smoker temps and internal meat temps. The meat is taken thru the danger zone fast enough to ensure it is safe to eat. If and when you get into cold smoking you will find that often times you will need to cure before smoking because of the times and temps.
  4. walking dude

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    what these guys said.....

    now as to brining beef, i haven't........but been tossing that idea around......i DO marinade some of my beef tho............
  5. richoso1

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    I'm behind what WD said.
  6. mulepackin

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    Most of us are familiar with brined beef products - corned beef and pastrami, if not having made them. They are usually cured as well, so that gives you a general idea of what you would end up with. If you are BBQ smoking, then its not really necessary, unless that is the sort of product you are looking for.
  7. pops6927

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    You can make your own corned beef with a regular salt/sugar/nitrite brine, pickling spice, etc. Use a bottom round or brisket and let soak for up to 30 days, depending on your nitrite concentration. Cook it up with some cabbage, carrots and potatoes and I'll be over, my number is... [​IMG]

    You only brine it if you want to add that flavor to it, however; you don't need to brine it from a preservative aspect unless you're going to make jerky and keep it at room temp afterwards (never stayed around long enough to be in danger in this house.. haha!)

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