Brining and Freezing???

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  1.    Scott Fitzgerald, been smoking continually for over 2 weeks now with my MES30 with apple chips and am beginning to totally understand the craving, enjoyment and satisfaction that is derived from doing this!!!  Thank you for the support and suggestions on my first endeavors.  My only disappointment so far was with the flavoring of my first double smoked ham, I used "the Jeff" method but will try again at a suitable sale price.

       I am getting ready to do my first 2 whole birds today as a gift for friends, I am using the "Slaughterhouse Poultry Brine" for 18 hrs and using the "Big Bald BBQ Rub" on my birds and temp at 300 to help the skin.  Since leg quarters are usually in a fairly good sized bag, is it possible to brine them and then bag them and freeze them in smaller packs??  Or am I defeating the science that is behind brining??

      My next new project will be side by side birds, one with beer can style and the next a traditional style standing up as well and will try "Jeff's Rub" with them and cherry chips.  I cooked a huuuuge rack of spare ribs for my neighbors 2 days ago, but alas, they were on vacation and I was forced to imbibe for myself!!!  Will start posting pictures in the near future.
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    Well, hello , Scottfitz1, glad you're here . As for the Brining and freezing , I've not had that problem... I cook as soon as I can after brining. I know that if your bird has been previously frozen it is not conducive to it , the Brining will have done it's job ,

    but  question the re-freeze. JMHO.

    Why would you freeze them and for how long[​IMG]  Brining is cheap and easy , saying that, do you really need to brine[​IMG]  I don't and get very nice flavored Smokes. I put my Rub and OO or Butter under the skin .

    There will be more replies , and thoughts   .

    Have fun and . . .

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