Brineing and injecting

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  1. This is probably a dumb question but I'm new and wondering if I can brine and inject the same turkey? Thanks for your help.
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    Yes u can. Several people do it that way......Happy smokes[​IMG]
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    You could but are you planning on brining then injecting or injecting then brining?
    If you inject and then brine some of the injection will make its way out of the meat and into the brine solution so it wouldn't be quite as concentrated but will work just fine, no worries.
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    Let me ask you this, are there multiple layers of flavor you are trying to get into the turkey? You can add flavor and moisture to the bird through brining alone. Add some spices, oranges, lemons, fresh herbs, sugars, peppercorns, whatever into your brine.

    The brining process is great, because the flavor soaks into every part of the turkey, whereas with an injector, it's hit and miss. I generally recommend injection for those that don't have time to brine or a container to do it in. I use a clean 5 gallon bucket bought at lowes and remove a shelf in my fridge to make room.

    Can anyone here give a good explanation or benefit to brining and injecting the same bird? I'm open to new ideas but think it kinda redundant.

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