Brined and injected turkey breasts.

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    I wanted to smoke a couple turkey breasts but have them have that cured/hammy taste for lunch meat etc. (kinda like a drumstick at the renaissance festival)

    2 Turkey Breasts 7-8 lbs

    1 Gallon Water
    2 Cups Oakridge BBQ Game Changer All Purpose Brine
    3.5 oz Cure #1 (164 ppm)
    3 oz Dark Muscovado Sugar

    Mix dry ingredients with 1 quart of hot water

    Add ice and cold water to make 1 gallon of brine at 40º or less

    Inject Brine/Cure at 10% by weight into each breast

    Cover with remaining brine and refrigerate for 12 hours

    Rinse well (5 minutes) and let drain, dry with paper towels and let sit till dry or tacky to the touch. (I put under a huge fan for 15 - 20 minutes)

    Place in smoker set at 130º for 5 hours

    Raise temp to 160º for 1 hour

    Raise temp to 170º for 1 hour

    Raise temp to 424º to crisp skin and until internal breast temp (thickest part) reaches 160º

    Rested and ready to slice

    We had some hot for dinner, it was the best turkey I have ever smoked, moist, juicy and good flavor without being too salty.

    Cook Stats

    The stuff I sliced for sandwiches was super also.
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    Those are some great lookin' breasts (try that line on some hot chick).  By the way, what kind of software you got goin' on there?
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    StokerLog its for the Rocks BBQ Stoker WIFI

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