Breakfast sausage patties

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  1. So I have an issue... The missus and my cubs, arent fans of sausage casing on breakfast sausage. Natural or synthetic.

    Me and my hunting partner/brother in law, had some trim left from deer this fall, and some pork trim from the heritage hogs we butchered, taking up space in the freezer. So we decided to make breakfast sausage patties. I used a recipe from Rytek Kutas book. Went with a 60/40 blend of deer/pork.

    Ground 25 pound batch.

    Put 6 in a pack,seperated by papers, and vac-packed. Made 220 patties

    They brown up nice!

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    What's the issue?  I do the same, but I use the papers I get from Sausage Maker in Buffalo, NY.....looks like you have it down.   We peel mine off still frozen brown it, add a fried egg and cheese on toast/bagel/english muffin and chow down
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    I'm the same, I always make patties with breakfast sausage.

    Never have stuffed them.

    Yours look real good!

  4. I guess the issue was I am ok with the casings. Quite like them actually. But there are 4 lady under my roof, that I need to like the sausage as well.

    Thanks AL, I'm happy with the flavor and texture.
  5. torp3t3d0

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    I actually smoked some of mine....missed the smoked one I got in NC as a kid....these came out tasting a lot like the sausage you get from Cracker Barrel....
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    Looks great - Nice job 

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    Looks great! Nothing wrong with patties. I actually prefer them to links.

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    Bubba nice job keeping the peace at home.I just did some the other day wife wants patties I want some links,we did both. 75/25 yeah 25 was links.

    I used Rytek for years and just started using the fassets mixture,it is great Points



    8 oz. salt
    2 oz. black pepper
    1 oz. sage
    put in ziploc and shake thoroughly, then use ½ oz. per lb. of meat

    However, this time, for those that don't have scales, I also dumped the contents of each into appropriate measuring cups and come out with:

    ¾ cup salt
    ½ cup black pepper
    ½ cup sage
    put in ziploc and shake thoroughly, then use 1 tbsp. per pound of meat
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    They sure do!

  10. Thanks guys! The flavor and texture were really nice!

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