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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by foamheart, Jan 21, 2014.

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    Pop’s breakfast sausage, I made some links to see that stuff could actually pass thru that little bity ½” tube….. and was more amazed that it is possible to ‘thread’ a small sheep casing on the tube’s end with over 60 eyes!

    Notes: Pops breakfast sausage recipe is 1 to 2 to 8, Sage to black pepper to salt. Again I would like to really thank the master for allowing us the experience of making fine meats all thru his and his father’s recipes. This is his link.

    Thank you!

    Notes: Sausage casings MUST be washed to be able to separate even quality casings, and even then it can be the pits! They must soak overnight in clean water to soften even after washing and rinsing. They must be used in a timely manor or they stick to the loading tube. Each time I make sausage I learm more about ways to do it easier and better. But for some reason each time I get more blow outs learning….LOL

    Everyone know how to grind sausage, I ground mine with a medium blade cause I like to know its pieces of meat when I bite into it. Back in the reefer.

    Make Pops World famous breakfast sausage recipe (I only make ½ and then put most of it up for the next time). Bring the sausage back out. I then by hand add the seasoning and commence to see how long my hands can take the cold, I now realize why the sell sausage mixers……… Brrrrrr <shiver> Back in the reefer till tomorrow. BTW its 1/2teaspoon of Pop's seasoning to 1 pound of meat, I added almost 2 teaspoons.

    I pull and separate the casings, wash inside and out, check for holes. Once I have one more extra separated with what I think I’ll use, I put them in a bowl of clean water with each end hanging outside the bowl for convenience tomorrow.

    Its Tomorrow! Set up securely, inspect and lubricant the sausage press. Pull out the sausage, quick mix to check dryness, add a bit of water if necessary. Let set to relax a little so it’s easier going thru the tube.

    Get the casings, since the ends have hardened to the side of the bowl, I snip them lose with the scissors, and attempt to load the lubricated tube. Put the tube on the stuffer securely, load the chamber and make sausage making sure not to over stuff so you can twist links and watching for the casing to slide smoothly and not dry out.


    So, I bought 20 lbs of butts and deboned, 11 pounds went into the Andouille, 3 pounds into Pops Famous breakfast links, and 5 pounds I make Cajun Smoked Sausage for Jambalaya.

    The Andouille needed a heaping Tablespoon of cracked pepper, and the Cajun Smoked sausage needed a Teaspoon of ground Cayenne. Other than the two peppers I an extremely happy with my success.

    Thank you to everyone that dropped by and made comments, I appreciate all the help big time.

    BTW, no waste I baked the bones for the neighbors Rottweiler, always good to have a friend outside at night!
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  2. [​IMG]

    Congrats on being able to work with sheep casings.  I have only used them (Not) once, spent 1 1/2 hours tryng to get one open to put on the tube.
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    Looks good Foam very nice job. 
  4. woodcutter

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    You must have had your tape measure out again. They look great! I know how good that recipe is. I find it helpful to keep splashing water on the counter top and the casings while they are on the stuffer tube. The more everything slides around the better.
  5. foamheart

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    You guys using metal or plastic tubes?
  6. woodcutter

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    Mine are aluminum from at least 100 years ago.
  7. foamheart

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    I have got to say, when I got one casing separated, "You have got to be frickin kidding me!" LOL

    Until washed, I know I have thicker dental floss! It wasn't that bad once you figure out which side of your mouth to stick your tongue out on while concentrating on opening the hole.

    Oh and thank you.
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  8. foamheart

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    Thank you sir. Its been a casings using weekend!
    That's a good idea. I keep the tray under the cased sausage anyway, a little water in the tray might even relax the casing. Yes Sir good idea. Thank you.
  9. foamheart

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    I have one of those also, I love it because it has a large more tapered bell end which makes loading the meat thru the tube more easy.

    These I got with this are SS. Small short bell ends and no taper at all causing the need of more pressure to move the meat thru the tube. I mentioned it to LEM when I bought it and the sales gave me the old two step hustle to get me off the phone. "Oh yeah, I'll bring that you tomorrow at our engineering meeting!" .. LOL yeah right.

    But that was what I was basically asking about. It would be so much easier loading thru a larger bell thru a slight taper nozzle.
  10. woodcutter

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    After I wrote mine were over 100 years old, I remembered I just bought one last summer from Chop-rite who bought out Enterprise back in the day.
  11. I have attempted to use the sheep casing once.  I had a lot of problems.  I have since read that they need to be soaked over night.  Some people put a little vinegar in the soaking water.  I want to try them again.  I really want to make some breakfast sausage links.  I have the 1/2" stainless steel tube.  Yours look great.  I already know they taste great because it Pops recipe.
  12. foamheart

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    You know its a compliment to Pops and Pops Pop, that we all set so much faith in his wisdom. You know they are good cause its Pop's recipes kinda says it all.

    And you'll notice in my notes, I tried Sunday doing sausage without a least an overnite soak, Oh I did them, but I kept having to fix blow outs, and the casing just wouldn't load worth pee waddlin'. So I knew better with the sheep skins to try.
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  13. I need to try this again. I got so frustrated with blowouts and not being able to load them on the tube last time I said no way. I wanted to try tubed casings next time
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  14. Looks great Foamheart, nicely done ! Thanks for sharing it with us
  15. reinhard

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    Nice work on those links!!! i'm also a sheep casing victim.  Still have some salted away, so i'll give them another shot. Reinhard
  16. foamheart

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    Thank you sir.
    Thank you Reinhard.

    Listen guys I owe my success to Boykyo, and the sausage makers here at the site. Clean and rinse well, inside and out, allow to sit over night in a bowl of water after cleaning and checking for leaks. I didn't use vinegar. Be careful to not pack too tightly the sheep's casing will pop, and if not while load, when you are twisting.  From oldschoolbbq Be Patient!

    Boykyo knows some stuff about sausage...... and sheep casing, did you see his wieners? And we don't even have to wash his dishes or cleans his floors and he still teaches!
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    Looks great!!! I have been thinking about trying to use Pops recipe for some caseless links. So far have just used his recipe for patties.
  18. foamheart

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    Ya know Case, ya just can't go wrong with Pops recipe whatever you do.

    We had some of the links for breakfast none popped while cooking, browned nicely and were delicious!
  19. waterinholebrew

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    Nice job Foamheart, I would like to try doing that someday. Looks to be a great skill to accomplish and looks like you have it down.... Again excellent job my friend !Thumbs Up. WHB
  20. foamheart

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    Thank you Thank you, but the praise should be given to the Sausage making Guru's here who do all the work so we can make attempts at making sausages.

    Let me tell ya WHB, you can do whatever you want too. Its 10% preparation, 90% perspiration. That means here you just got to try, if you screw up the first time you're lucky cause the second time you'll nail it. If you hit a home run the first time, the second time you figure it was easy and screw it all up. Its pretty much like everything else about smoking. You just gotta get wet, and you'll wonder why you ever thought you couldn't swim.

    Thanks again man.

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