bratwurst recipie?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone out there had a decent bratwurst recipie. The wife makes amazing pretzel buns for our burgers and sausages but I was wanting to do something that would blow her mind. 
  2. Best brat recipe I use comes from Cooks Illustrated.  Unfortunately, requires a subscription to their site.
  3. awwwwwww....pssst you don't think you could post that recipie on here for me? [​IMG]  I wont tell a soul from the subscription place I promise.
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    Theres a bunch on the sausage forum, gotta dig a little bit.
  5. thank you sir I will def be checking that out.
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    Here's one I like. It's a variation of a recipe from a forum member named Nepas. I changed a couple things to suit my taste. The nutmeg and ginger give it a really nice "bratwursty" flavor. Most recipes call for marjoram and mace, but I like this better.

    5 lb pork shoulder or butt

    3/4lb fat back, as the pork I got was pretty lean.

    1 cup powdered milk.

    2.5 T kosher salt

    1.5 T rubbed sage

    1 TB black pepper

    1/2t ground ginger

    1/4t nutmeg

    1/4 t ground celery seed

    3/4 cup ice cold distilled water

    Hog casing
  8. thank you im gonna have to give it a seems like the milk or crème is a common demoniator....I can still freeze these and they will be alright for a later date right?

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