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  1. I just stuffed some venison brats yesterday and would like to fix them on the grill. I was reading should I boil them until they are almost done then finish them on the grill? Should I boil them in water or does some one have a receipe with something other then beer to boil them in? How does everyone cook, boil or grill their brats?

    Thanks Bones
  2. hogfan40

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    I have a load of vension brats, i have boiled them then put them on a charcoal grill to finish them off. Also i have smoked them, as for having recipe's i have the processor make mine for me, as i dont have the equiment to make them yet. But in the future, i will get the equiment and start doing my own.
  3. mr mac

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    I always cook mine on the grill slowly as not to burn them and have never boiled them first.
  4. mrh

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    I usually just grill or just boil in sauerkraut. I would think with venison brats you would not want to boil and lose any of the little bit of fat that there is in them. Maybe not even get to boil since the fat starts rendering out at 160, could dry them out. Of course I could be wrong on that just seems it could happen.

  5. coffee_junkie

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    I boil mine in beer or water, whatever I feel like doing on that day, but mine are precooked and frozen when I toss them in, when they get close I take em too the grill and crisp them up a bit. Never have any problem with them drying out.
  6. lowcountrygamecock

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    How long does it normally take to boil them until they are almost done?
  7. hog warden

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    I think the origin of boiling brats (or any sausage for that matter) goes back to the notion of getting the pork in them fully cooked. We normally cook our stuffed breakfast sausage like that. Put them in a covered skillet with enough water to cover the bottom and let them simmer on low until the water evaporates (about 10 to 15 minutes), then remove the cover and the sausage then browns in it's own fat. In a covered pot, this is essentially cooking with steam, which gets all the way into the middle. Not boiling, just a slow simmer. A brat would work the same way. Simmer in water or beer until the liquid is gone, then grill it (and you can do this in a shallow pan on the grill).

    But I normally just grill my fresh brats on low heat. That takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on temps. Hot enough to grill, but not so hot I get a grease fire going. If they are good and brown on the outside and no pink on the inside, they are done enough for me.
  8. tn_bbq

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    Not long. 10-15 minutes ought to do the trick, then finish on the grill.

    It's really just a matter of preference. I tend to par-boil them (usually in water because I don't want to waste a beer [​IMG]) and finish on the grill simply because I find that extended time on the grill has a tendency to break the casings and all the good stuff then can leak out.

    Low and slow on the smoker tends to prevent the casings from breaking, but that requires more time.
  9. hog warden

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    Brat cooking suggestion from Weber....cider simmered brats with onions and apples:
  10. mkl

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    As a Wisconsinite by origin, I feel obligated to chime in here.

    I would melt some butter in a pot, and sautee some onions and maybe some garlic cloves until they are almost golden. Then add the brats and cover in beer. In my opinon, beer is essential. Then simmer the brats for maybe 10 or 15 minutes until they are cooked. They can then be held in the hot liquid until ready to eat, at which point they are charred up on the grill. This is great for long tailgates or backyard sessions- everyone can char up a brat as they are ready.


    Grill the brats over low or indirect heat untill golden brown. Cooking over high direct heat as one might a steak doesn't work for a brat, the casing can burst and you can get a raw inside and burnt exterior.

    I also feel obligated to suggest eating with brown mustard and kraut on a nice brat bun.
  11. rbranstner

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    I love them boiled in beer then onto the grill. Or I also love grilling them slightly and then putting them in throw away tin pan and load them with 2 cans of beer and a bunch of onions and peppers. Now bring that baby to a boil and simmer until the beer boils out and what you have left is wonderful tasting brats with lots of caramelized onions and peppers to top your bun with. Yum Yum
  12. chisoxjim

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    Typically I smoke the brats, but on occasion I grill em'.

    I dont simmer or boil them in beer or anything else before they go on the grill(I dont like what that does to the texture of the sausage).

    I mix together some beer, and melt some butter in it, and add some black pepper, and garlic powder.

    I use this mix to baste the brats as the are on the grill. I want to taste the sausage.
  13. realtorterry

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    Hey guy's, I was reading all your replies which are great, but I have a quick questions on this. If you do smoke them should you still boil them or can you just go low & slow? Do you really need to probe them then?

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