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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by tobycat, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. tobycat

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    So I have been exploring ideas to make my 60 gallon smoker build unique before I start cutting.  I would make the tank ends copper and the rest of the cook chamber including the door skinned in brass. I will be bolting the door flanges with polished bronze carriage bolts. I realize this is a little  over the top but I can picture it in my head (like my scuba tank smoker) and it looks very cool. Aside from the fact it will reflect the sun and be very bright I wanted opinions on why this might be a dumb or great idea.

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  2. smokejumper

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    It may look cool, but that skin may also hide the destruction of your smoker.
    Galvanic corrosion will eat it up due to the dissimilar metals, especially in the elevated heat and humidity.
    You might be able to mitigate the potential for corrosion by painting the steel before you cover it in the copper or brass.
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  3. tobycat

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     Smokejumper [​IMG]    I was wondering if someone would see that potential problem.  I work in the marine industry and can either use techniques to isolate the metals or if necessary bolt a sacraficial anode to the bottom. I do plan on painting/coating the tank before I add the copper/brass cladding.
  4. lendecatural

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    I agree as the owner of a steel boat....  you should be fine with several coats of high temperature paint but how are you planning on making the foil stick? Epoxy sucks for elevated temperature applications..
  5. tobycat

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    Len, I scribbled this drawing a while back. I plan on doing the brass and copper in sections and then brazing them together and holding them on the tank with 1-1/2"x1/8" steel or brass banding bolted to the tank with bronze carriage bolts.

  6. lendecatural

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    That should work good, bronze plays pretty good with steel, it will rust but it takes a really long time. You need to install the bolts wet with primer. It will look really cool, that's for sure, can't wait to see how you get the sheets to conform to the dome, that will take all your origami skills! [​IMG]
  7. hdflame

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    I'm watching!  [​IMG]
  8. tobycat

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    Lem, the two sample pieces in pics the took me about 5 minutes with a ballpeen hammer but I will be practicing on cheaper sheet steel first.  All the panels will have a hammered texture. The thing that keeps making me think this is a bad idea is on a sunny day it will be like staring at the sun, looks great at dusk though! Maybe I'll weld on a mount for a large umbrella.[​IMG]
  9. lendecatural

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    I love the hand hammered look of copper, just remember it easily work hardens. To anneal, heat it to well over 700 degrees and quench it with water and it will be easy to work again, opposite of steel.

  10. tobycat

    tobycat Meat Mopper

    Thank you for that important piece of info Len, that is the kind of knowledge I was hoping to gain from this thread.  I know all the info is out there on the internet and in the library but it's "figuring out what I need to learn". 

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