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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rag, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. For strictly smoking sausage in the 130* to 160* range, what smoker would you buy?
  2. fireguy

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    I agree with TH... Also, I use a electric fridge/smoker for my sausage smoking needs. I would suggeset a fridge or other home built if you plan on smoking large batches. otherwise, I would get a small electric vert if you just plan on smoking small or trial batches. In my opinion an electric with thermostat would be easier to maintain those lower temps, hope this helps.
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    I'm of the freezer conversion camp. If that isn't for you, I would need to know your planned capacity, and budget to suggest anything else. I for sure prefer elect heat for the tight temp control needed for sausage in any amount. Gas works too, it's just that I had a friend burn his shed down, and ruined alot of equipment and meat with gas.
  4. ronp

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    Depending on capacity I like the MES for temp control.

    Good luck!
  5. nogoer

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    +1 for MES(Masterbuilt Electric Smoker).

    If you're doing batches in 5 or so pounds you just can't beat this thing. It has a digital controller that will do temps from 101 up to normal hot smoking temps. It's as close to set it and forget cold/warm/hot smoking as you can get! I got mine from cabelas for 200US and have never looked back. Try and do any conversion for around that price and still have the final smoker be able to hot smoke. The small capacity can be an issue sometimes though.

    The best thing i've found with my MES though is it was super easy to rig it as a true cold smoker too. Heres the thread with how i did this....

    Oh, i do have to get creative with getting the chips to smolder. If the set temp is anything less than 160-170 it won't keep the chips going. So i have started the practice of using my cold smoker setup for my warm smokes as well. This also has the added benfit of being able to use any form of wood and i'm not limited to using sawdust like the sausagemaker smokers are setup for.
  6. From Cabelas is what I use for low heat smoking. I made some Andouille that came out awesome.


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