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Discussion in 'For New Members' started by jwrburns, May 26, 2016.

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    Good Afternoon!

    I am brand new to this hobby and hoping for a little advice. I see where people have used mods on a Smokey Joe Weber but is it possible to actually smoke on one without it being changed much. I want to test out the hobby without a large initial investment (plus a great thing to take camping). Please advise.


  2. Hello Jules.  Yes you can give smoking a try on that smoker without any mods..  You just have to manage your expectations.  It's about the distance between the heat and the meat.  You might struggle with half a chicken but burgers and steaks are definitely possible.  The mods done to the smokey joe are not pocketbook busting.  I'll bet the guys have about $20-$40 tops in the mods.  I am sure someone will give you the correct amount.  Some guys go one step farther and add a rotisserie to the smoker and do chicken and such over open flames.  Looks a great little unit especially cooking for 2 or a couple with 2 smaller kids.  Keep Smokin!


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