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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by williamzanzinger, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I was soo good at first, once the plate cooled id disconnect and bring right inside.Cabinet stayed outside under a durable cover. As ive said before ,once I went charcoal, I never looked back and neglect became the issue. Its sat outside(theelectric board side) uncovered for at least a year, and that incleudes our very rainy season. I decided to take her apart(just along the seems and any obvious non electric parts. Cleaned the inside with rubbing alchohol after vaccuming it severely. All the little moving parts got a shot of wd40. And put her back together. Havent givien a test run because im afraid the cabinet needs a revamping as well. Although this suckers been poured on and in the 100 degree florida sun, I dont see any evidence of internal damage. Thats yet to be seen. Seems like all the brains are located in that little black box on the bottom(my pics are not right side up). Didnt touch that , not even to clean, i would of had to disconnect to many cables.I was in the habbitof pulling it apart and cleaning every so often anyway cause it help prevent the conveyer from sticking and 3 hours into your smoke you realize, you got no smoke.

    I have a question for the engineers. If possible judging by these photos(and im totally willing to tear this thing apart if you think you might have a suggestion.
    These units heat up the plate at the furthest end of the conveyor, from the bottom view you can see the metal tube that must control the heat. The pucks burn for 10 min each(or is it 20, crap I forget) the motor inside every 20 minutes willswuvel its srm projecting the next puck out and pushing the one smoking into a little tub of water. Problem is thoughthe smoke is not obnoxious its not TBS at all.
    Is thhere a way to lower the heat on the element?? so the smoke is not as heavy?I mean I assume the way involved messing with circuits or an internal manuever. If you think you know what it would take let me know. You want me to open that little black box, ill do it. If I was succesful, turning down the advancing puck rate would be awesome as well.
    Anyway these are the things I think would make this a better smoker.
    this is completely upside down in this photo

    Bottom view of the heating element where the puck sits.

    Got her free of resins and bloated saw dust and back together.

    Be interested If anyone had modified one of these, or if there is a betterway to slow down the smoke.
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    Whats the wattage of the heating element for the pucks?

    If it's 600 watts or lower, you could connect the heating element to a "Light Dimmer Switch". I've done it before, and it works.

    Remember, 600 watts or less for one from Home Cheapo. You can get a higher wattage light dimmer, but they run about $75.

  3. if I remember reading right ir was either 125 or 200 watts.

  4. tjohnson

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    Was thinking about this mod?????

    You can lower the wattage of the heating element, but the timer will kick in another puck at 20 minutes, whether it's done smoking or not....Correct?

    Somehow, the timer would have to be altered, but how?

  5. williamzanzinger

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    I guess that would be the final step.Like i said I dont use this smoker much anymore and would be willing to dissasemble and photograph for anyone who might have an idea. if I correct in thinking the timer on the digital box has little to do with this function, its just an aid for display right?. could there be a gear like a sprinkler syster controling thi. If this mod could be made, it would perfect these smokers. But meanwhile i imagine if your catch pan is filled with sand rather than water the prematurely dropped puck would continue to smolder, There must be anelectrician/machinest who can comprehend the inner working of this contraption ehh.

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