BPS MES 30 "elite digital" ?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by joe p, May 28, 2013.

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    Bass Pro Shop has the Gen II Masterbuilt 30 smokers for $199. They call them elite. I have been reading about problems with the temp controller on the new units? Anyone know if this has been fixed? Is this BPS version the same as Sams Clob. Seems like the exact same model# 20070213.

    I can get the older version 20070910 from Amazon for 179.00, but I like the front drip tray and top AND side exhaust dampers better in the new digital/"elite" Gen II Jedi version. Is 30 days (maybe 4-5 smokes) enough time to see if this unit has the known problems before the return period ends? I really fought with the decision to not get a WSM I had been looking at in favor of something simple the wife can get going while I am gone.

    Anyone had one of these work right out of the box with no mods. Like most guys , I like to mod stuff, but right now I need plug and play,,,I got enough other stuff that needs tinkering with.
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    I don't know of any model with side and top damper. I've seen pics of this model and don't see a top vent. May be a misprint on the description. This is the same controller that has been an issue but it seems to be hit or miss. You'll know if the temp is off if you have another temp monitor to check the temp. Bass Pro has good return policy and this is a good price.
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    Man, the BPS description clearly states "Air damper on top and side - easy access" . [​IMG]   But you are right...nothing actually on the top.

    I called Masterbuilt customer service today and asked them about it. The rep said it was impossible to say if I got a bad unit without trying it out, but that with BPS I likely got the newer "fixed" model. She said that the issue with this model early on was humidity collecting in the controller and causing malfunction. She stated that new ones are shipped "fixed" and that she can.would send the parts to fix the ones that had issues if I need to. She advised setting it up and seeing how it does and that I should know almost immediately, first few smokes, if it has issues.

    Let you know soon!
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    Just to let you know the "fix" is they siliconed the seams on the controller box. They sent me one that read 35 degrees below actual temp and had a 43 degree swing from set temp cycle. Setting it at 225 would bring a high temp of 248 and would cycle down to about 205 before it would start to recover. Some folks say they get them dead on or real close. So....... who knows?
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    Did you ever get the BPS MES 30?

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