Box maple wood good for smokin?

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  1. So we have this ginormas box maple in the front yard by the road and last night we had a branch the size of a medium tree fall off of it. Anyway my question is I know smoking with maple works because they sell it and I've used it but I'm not sure which kind of maple that is...has anyone used box maple to smoke with? Because if so and I can I just got a gold mine fall onto the ground
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    Red sugar maple is the best for smoking. Maples have over 60 varieties some have hard wood and some have soft wood. Red Maple is hard wood and has a sweetness to it. It has a rounder shaped leaf like the Canadian flag. Soft maple has longer leaves with deeper cuts to it.  Also Red maple has a dark reddish brown center to it when cut.
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  3. Ok so ours is a soft maple....So its not good for smokin then? or I can but its just not the best quality maple to do it

    Or maybe I should just do a run of chicken with it and see what happens. OOOOOOO and do a q view for all of you
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    Dry it out and give it a try. I think the trouble is that soft maple burns up quickly and the smoke is a little different flavor. If it works out good and you're happy with the flavor , run with it. It is all part of the fun of smoking.
  5. amen to that brother
  6. I'm getting over some broncitis but I'm thinking that this weekend I'm gonna get out there and do some muffin tin chicken see how that maple works. I'll post an update and some q view once I get a chance

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