Bought My First Brisket And Have a Questions

Discussion in 'Beef' started by grange, Aug 17, 2011.

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    I bought a brisket from the butcher this afternoon and have it in the refrigerator for Sunday.  I asked them for a small brisket mainly because I knew it would be cheaper and considering this is my first one it won't break the bank if it doesn't turn out.  Anyway my question is how many of you trim the fat before you put the rub on and put it in the smoker and do you place the brisket fat side up or down?  The recipe I'm looking at is from the book Serious BBQ by Adam Perry Lang and doesn't call for trimming the fat and says to place it fat side down.

    Oh and do you guys spray or mop the meat during the smoking process?
  2. Everyone will give you different opinions on this so here is mine.  I say fat side up. And if you want rub in there on the fat side you can score into the fat just to the meat with a knife. Or you can trim it off and put it on the rack above it. That'll help it self baste. I mop if its thick or spritz if its watery sauce. But I dont do it too often only if I have to open the lid.

    Hope that helps a little. I'm sure there will be more comments soon. Hang in there.
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    There are so many ways that people smoke briskets.

    You didn't say whether you have a flat or packer. Either way we do fat side up.

    From the size I'm assuming it's a flat. If that's the case, the way we do them is trim all the fat & silver skin off & put it on a rack above the brisket so it renders & drips on the brisket while it smokes. We coat the brisket with Worsty sauce & use a basic rub of SPOG & Montreal steak seasoning. 

    We don't inject it or put the temp probe in until it's been in the smoker for a few hours. That way you don't have to get it thru the danger zone in 4 hours.

    We also set the smoker to 210.

    Also put a aluminum pan on a rack under the brisket to catch the juices. We also put onions, garlic, & beef stock in the pan too.

    Hope this helps & good luck!
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  4. roller

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    I leave the fat on and score it then do what Al said and trust me it will come out perfect.I only use a cajun seasoning Slap Ya Mama .
  5. grange

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    Thanks for the replies.  Yes I just have the flat.  In fact the clerk said that is all they sell.  I'm probably going to another butcher this weekend and I'll find out if they sell the whole brisket.  I've been doing lots of reading and I'm learning there are about "100" different ways to make a brisket.  I'm really looking forward to giving it a go.  I'm also planning on using hickory though I am hoping to get to a BBQ/Grilling Supply store and will consider a different wood.  I used pecan for my chicken last week and it was fantastic.

    Between planning on running my dogs on wild birds in prep. for trial season on Saturday and being able to eat some good (hopefully) BBQ on Sunday I think it's going to be a good weekend. [​IMG]
  6. mdboatbum

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    I can't offer any advice on brisket as that's still on the "to do" list. Frankly I'm a little intimidated. :)

    Good looking dog in your profile pic. Where are you located? Friends of my in-laws field trial their dogs in the Southeast and seem to really love it. Can't remember off the top of my head what breed, but I seem to remember they're some sort of far ranging pointers.

    Anyway, good luck on the brisket, and keep us posted on the results!
  7. grange

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    I'm in WI and do mostly Cover Dog type trials (no killing of birds and run in the woods on wild grouse and woodcock).  My English Setter does run big in the woods, which I like.  In the fields she is not as big of runner as some of the Pointers (English Pointers), but she has as much style in her run as point and anyone could want.

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