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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mnmulisha, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. mnmulisha

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    I'm still putting together my smoker and I'm going to be putting in the bottom of it this week.  The question is, do I need a vent, and if so, how large does it need to be?  The dimensions of the smoker are 20"x20" and 48" tall.  I do have a 4" chimney on the top that will have a flu.  Thanks!
  2. I do believe you need a intake vent.  One could use an old floor plate from hot air furnace. They are pretty inexpensive even new from the hardware store. They also give some control of volume of air through unit.

    Have fun

  3. scarbelly

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    The bottom vent in my smoker also serves as a drain for greese
  4. mnmulisha

    mnmulisha Fire Starter

    Does it need to be big? Would something with a 4" adjustable opening work?
  5. My smoker is made out of a Water pressure tank but i would say it is real close to the same size.

    Are you building this for strictly a wood/ Charcoal burner or will you be using an electric heat source. I have three 3/4 " wholes evenly spaced on the bottom edge up about 3"

    I also have an 1 1/2" whole center however when i use it as a smoker that whole is completely closed off and i have no use for it. I only want the heat to get to 170* and Extreme Max and i do mean Extreme 180*

    I also use Pellets for the smoke and that is in a baguette pan. Looks something like the same as the amazn smoker with the wholes in it.

    Check on my posting for building a UDS from a water pressure tank.

    If you cannot find it i would be happy to send the link to you tomorrow for some pictures on Photobucket.

    Just let me know.

    I don't think anything works as good as a home built smoker. And nothing tastes better then home smoked

    Happy smoken

  6. mnmulisha

    mnmulisha Fire Starter

    I will be using an electric heat source.  For the vent holes, should they be close to the heat source? Or just somewhere on the bottom of the smoker?
  7. tjohnson

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    Your intake should be smaller than your exhaust and adjustable.

    Keep your exhaust wide open and adjust your intake for smoke production and draft.

    You may have enough air leaking around your door.

    How about a pic?

  8. I would put the vent holes just about the top of the elect. heat source. I would have the exhaust as inch and half and always wide open. If you put 3 1/4" holes and cover them with a metal screen that a magnet would stick to that would give you some control.

    Also you might think of getting a amazn smoker or the like and using that for when you want to cold smoke. (Cheese) etc,

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  9. For my heat control i use the ranco below. I added a double outlet to the bottom and it works great.

    Check around as there is a big difference in Price.


  10. sqwib

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    try something like this
  11. mnmulisha

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    Thanks for all the info everybody.  I'll post some pics tonight.
  12. mnmulisha

    mnmulisha Fire Starter

  13. Now that is beautifull.

    I would put 3 3/4 in holes and one of them wold be a ball valve. Look up the instructions for a UDS and you will get some great ideas and then modify them to fit your needs.  I would definitely add a Ranco temp. control. or equivalent to it.

  14. OOps

    I am talking about getting the Chevy and you already have the caddy.  Forget the ranco.

    Still ck out the UDS for ideas.

    I have the same size smoker approx. but with only One burner and 3 3/4 in holes and one exhaust hole 2 1/2 in circle.

    The volume of air seems to work perfect.

    Good Smoken

  15. tjohnson

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    Very Cool!

    Was that  Proofer or warming box in it's previous life?

    Make a shield for the elements, and a grease tray would be handy.

    I would make an intake, similar to your exhaust and put it on the side for EZ access

    Wide open for cold smoking, and close it down during hot smoking?

    If you can fit a removable  fan onto the intake, you'll also have one bad ass dehydrator!

  16. mnmulisha

    mnmulisha Fire Starter

    Thanks Karl!  When you say 3 3/4 holes, do you mean drill three holes that are 3/4" in diameter, or do you mean one hole that is 3 and 3/4" in diameter?  I'm guessing the first one.  

    Todd-  My uncle used to own a welding shop and he made it specifically for smoking.  When he used it, he used wood fire for the heat source so I converted it to electric.  I'm hoping electric is easier than wood heat being I'm a noob.  [​IMG]
  17. mnmulisha

    mnmulisha Fire Starter

    Also, I was planning on using my heating elements to ignite the wood.  Would it be possible to make the shield removable so that when I'm adding smoke, I can quickly remove the shield, or would it be better to ignite the wood with a different method?
  18. tjohnson

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    I think you're on the right track.

    Make a stand for a cast iron pan to sit on.  This would make a good smoke box.

    only reason for the drip pan is EZ clean up

    You could line the bottom with foil instead

  19. Yes i mean the Three 3/4 inch holes. You can also us iether some crome plugs or some magnets that  the wives keep putting on the fridge Just dont get caught.

    As todd says a cast iron pot with lid does a great job for loading sawdust. I find cast iron small pots and lids at the 2nd hand stores all the time. I will send you a pict. of a large one i built you would just need to down size some.

    It will be later this evening as i gotta git. See ya on the web


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