Bottom Round Roast with Au Jus (MES w/ Qview)

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Finally getting caught up sharing my latest cooks and projects. Tonight's dinner is bottom round roast with smoked potatoes and au jus. Lets get started.

    Last night I injected the roast (almost 3lbs) with some Allegro's Marinade. It was tightly wrapped in plastic and refrigerated overnight.

    Earlier today, I coated the roast with a little EVO and rubbed it with some SPOG.

    Fired up my MES 30 with side mailbox, lit my ANMPS with hickory pellets.

    Smoked for one hour @200, now I have raised the MES temp to 225 for the rest of the cook. Drip pan was placed under the roast with a cup of water to catch the drippings. Rubbed down some large russet potatoes with EVO and a little SPOG as well.

    I will add updates as we progress, thanks for looking!
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    WB, How was it ???

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