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Discussion in 'Beef' started by trippy, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Testing the new vertical smoker build with a longer slow cook. Started with a 3.5 pound bottom round roast added some garlic cloves inserted into the meat through the fat cap and sides. Dusted well with a blend of salt and pepper with a few other spices. Used a bacon web over the top for first part of the smoke... Then removed it for the middle part then put the whole roast into a pan with beef broth to make AU Jus. Cooked it out to 145 internal temp then wrapped it in foil and rested for 1 hour. That gave me some time to put down some dinosaur eggs.

    Turned into a fine meal as you can see here!

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    Hey Trippy

    That looks good.  How was the bottom round for tender?  What was your smoker temp and time?

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    The bottom round was surprisingly better then I thought it would be. Bottom round is notoriously tough that you almost better off putting it to ground round. I had a 5 hour cook on it at 2 temps 225 to start and finished at 280 because I added in the dinosaur eggs. The 280 temp was started at hour 4. I took it off at 145 internal temp to rest it for 1 hour. First I cooked it straight on the grill with a blanket of bacon over the top. Bottom exposed to heat. Then the last hour at higher temp I removed the bacon to let it crisp alone and put the round in a pan with beef broth that was along side cooking down for au jus with some onion in it too. After the final hour I took out the round and au jus to let the eggs and bacon finish out. The eggs were jalapeno peppers with the top cut off and insides removed. Used a butter knife to decapsulate the pepper. Then they were stuffed with a cream cheese and cheddar cheese. I used a mix of 93% lean beef with 1.25 pounds of Brats sausage. 6 sausages from 2 packs. I mix original with beer brat to change it up some cause that's just how I roll.

    The bottom round cut easy with a knife and there was not a bite that pulled out of the sandwich when eating. So I think it turned out good.

    This was also a second test on the vertical pellet smoker I have been building. I have posted video and pictures of it.
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