Boston Pork Butt - Heavy QView - I'm Back...

Discussion in 'Pork' started by philh, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm back after having emergency surgery at the end of June. Would you know it after they sent me home, that night I had 101 degree fever. They put me right back into the hospital for another week for an infection.

    Also my condolences to Scarbelly's family.. I was very sorry to hear about that after I came back..

    Okay that's all out of the way.. [​IMG]

    Our HEB grocery store down here has Boston Pork Butts on sale for $1.00 dollar a pound.. I couldn't resist..

    I'm going to season the butt tonight & cook it in the smoker tomorrow night so it will be ready for Sunday afternoon or night.. lol

    Here is the butt naked.. I placed it on the cookie sheet because I can get kinda wild with the seasoning shaker..

    Here it is with the mustard & then Jeff's Rub freshly applied..

    I always let the meat sit on the counter for a few minutes so the rub can liquefy before I wrap the meat..

    You can see the difference between the two pics. Almost looks good enough to eat.. Well almost.. [​IMG]

    Now the butt is wrapped & ready to sleep the night away in the fridge..

    I plan to get this into the smoker around 10:00 PM central time tomorrow night. I'll keep everyone posted as we get the smoke going..

    Sorry everyone for being MIA for so long.. Had to get well...

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  2. chef jimmyj

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    Welcome back and glad to hear you are back on your feet. The Pork looks like a beautiful hunk of meat and we are glad you remembered how to use Qview...[​IMG]...We will be looking for the finished PP...JJ
  3. Now comes the fun part.. I have the smoker preheating & in about 45 minutes I should have TBS..

    Time for this butt to get out of the fridge & into the smoker..

    I'm gonna get the smoker temp to around 225* & go low & slow.. I will cook the butt until about 200* internal for pulled pork.. Love that stuff..


    P.S. Thanks for the kind words JJ.. It's nice to be back..
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  4. Well the butt is on..

    Temp in the smoker was at 235* when I opened it up. We are smoking with Oak chunks. As you can see we have thin blue smoke... We like the smell & flavor of Oak wood. Of course we are using our Masterbuilt XL Propane Smoker for this smoke.

    The meat probe said our butt was at 41* We have a ways to go..

    Will update through the night..

  5. driedstick

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    very nice going to be nice when done and welcome back.long nite ahead of ya huh???
  6. Long nite indeed.. I'm planning to stay up for most of it..

    I did a picnic shoulder a couple of weeks ago. It was 9.5 lbs & it cooked for 26 hours.. I'm kinda famous for my epic long smokes.. [​IMG]


    P.S. So far the IT is at 46*... lol
  7. so ms smoker

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      Glad you are back and doing well Phil. Looking good. Keep the Q-view coming!

  8. redheelerdog

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    Glad to see you back Phil! - Nice butt you've got there!  [​IMG]

    I love to smoke the night away, I usually start my butts around 9 - 10 pm.

    Makes for a great meal the next day!

    Have fun!
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome back.. It means a lot..

    The wife keeps saying I have nice butts... I think she means the pork.. lol

  10. fliptetlow

    fliptetlow Smoke Blower

    Looking great, post up some pics when you finish up. 
  11. Well we are now 14.5 hours into the smoke. We are in the stall.. The butt is holding at 168* IT.. Smoker is steady at 230*.. Still hoping to hit 200* IT before we pull it. Still have a lot of day left before dinner..


    P.S. Thanks fliptetlow.. I will get more pics up when I remove the butt from the smoker.
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  12. driedstick

    driedstick Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Did you make it up thru the nite or was there a cat nap or two involved great job cant wait till final pics
  13. I didn't make it.. [​IMG]

    I think I had too many beers.. lol I crashed about 4:00 AM... Though I did setup my wireless temp probe by my bed with alarms in case anything went haywire..

    I gave it a good try.. lol

  14. Looks like we made it out of the stall.. We are almost 18 hours in & are at 181* IT.. Only 19 more degrees to go.. lol

    Smoker is holding at 238*..

  15. oldschoolbbq

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    Gettin' close now... welcome back.

    Call me when it's done...I'll fly down...[​IMG]

    have fun and...
  16. We decided not to wait any longer for this butt.. After 23 hours & 2 minutes & the Internal Temp at 194* we pulled it & placed it on the island in the kitchen.

    We will wait any hour or so & then pull it for sandwiches. I will post more pictures after we eat.. [​IMG]

    Now we are just waiting for it to rest some before pulling..

    Thanks for looking..

  17. It's Done... [​IMG]
  18. Well here are the final pics..

    Here's the butt after we pulled it..

    And a couple of pics of the sandwiches.. One with just sauce & one with pickles & onion added..

    It was mighty tasty and I will probably go buy a few more before they go off of sale.. Butts that is...


  19. Glad to have you back Phil and recovered! That's one huge hunk o meat and the finished product looks outstanding!
  20. Thanks & it is good to be back.. It was a good size.. Tasty also.. [​IMG]


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