Boston Butt and Dutch's Beans for my in-laws family!

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  1. We are on vacation in Stone, KY. We came down on Saturday the 13th and my father-in-law picked up a couple of pork shoulders for a gathering with his family on Tuesday the 16th. I am also making a double batch of Dutch's Wicked Beans to go with the pulled pork sandwiches. We brought my Father-in-law's MES 40, my mailbox off my MES 30, AMNPS, and my Kamado Kooker, a mans gotta eat while on vacation!

    So it begins ...

    Sunday the 14th
    Mixed up a double batch of Jeff's Naked Rub

    The shoulders were boneless (I usually use bone-in) so it required a little tying before applying mustard and a liberal coat of the rub. The shoulders were then Saran wrapped and placed on ice. The larger shoulder is ~12# the smaller ~8#

    Will need some sauce for the sandwiches, so I cooked up a gallon of Jeff's BBQ sauce

    Sliced up some venison summer sausage and an assortment of cheeses that I had smoked (Red Lieceister, Double Gloucester, Mild English Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Swiss) and got them bagged up for Tuesday evening.

    Monday the 15th
    7:00 PM - started preheating the MES 40 to 250° with apple juice in waterpan
    7:50 PM - filled the AMNPS completely bottom 2/3 with Pitmaster's Choice and top 1/3 with Apple pellets and fired it up
    8:00 PM - 12# shoulder goes into the MES 40 and AMNPS goes in the mailbox

    Time to prep the beans, I follow Dutch's recipe using my homemade bacon and subbing Jeff's BBQ Sauce for the ketchup. Frying up my bacon
    Finished beans, will place on ice until tomorrow afternoon

    11:00 PM - the 8# shoulder joins the party. Internal Temps - 12# shoulder 113°, 8# shoulder 36°

    Tuesday the 16th (day of the cookout)
    1:00 AM - I moved the 8# shoulder to the top left, 12# shoulder is middle right. The 12# shoulder is started to develop some bark. Internal Temps - 12# shoulder 150°, 8# shoulder 91° Time to take a little nap!

    5:50 AM - everything is looking good. It has been 10 hours since I lit the AMNPS and is still putting out TBS!
    12# shoulder, internal temp 183°
    8# shoulder, internal temp 162°

    7:15 AM- the AMNPS finally stopped producing smoke over 11 hours after lighting! Pretty impressive Mr. Johnson!

    10:30 AM - things are moving right along! Internal temps - 12# shoulder 196°, 8# shoulder 191°

    12:40 PM - finished! Internal temps - 12# shoulder 203°, 8# shoulder 200°

    Double wrapped both shoulders in heavy duty foil and towels, then placed in a dry cooler with a fleece blanket until time to pull

    1:45 PM - removed the baked beans from the ice and set on counter to warm up a little
    2:15 PM - filled one row of the AMNPS with Pitmaster's Choice pellets and lit
    2:30 PM - placed AMNPS in the mailbox and beans in MES 40

    5:45 PM - remove beans from the smoker and pull the shoulder

    and finally ... some BEARVIEW!

    Thanks for lookin ...
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  2. kathrynn

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    [​IMG]  OMGoodness!  Yall did some work.  Wish I was there to play too!

    Good Job!

  3. Thanks Kat, we had a great evening with Neal's family. I have baby backs on the Kamado Kooker right now for the 4 of us tonight. I have cooked a lot of ribs, but this is the first time on the Kamado.
  4. kathrynn

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    You have done well!  Looks like what I do when I do a smoke....smoke almost anything that I can fit in mine!  [​IMG]

  5. [​IMG]  looks awesome.. makin me hungry again. [​IMG]. what do yall mean when you say AMNPS mailbox? ive heard this around the forum here and there, something bout a mailbox..haha. care to enlighten me?...??...anyone??..??...anyone??.....???? bueller..??....bueller???....???? [​IMG]
  6. The AMNPS, Amaze-N-Pellet Smoker was invented by a member of this forum. It is a 5x8 stainless mesh tray that burns wood pellets. It generates a good amount of smoke without generating much heat, very handy for cold smoking. If you fill all three rows it will generate smoke for up to 12 hours. Beats putting wood chips in your smoker every 45 minutes on a long smoke. The MES (Masterbuilt Electric Smoker) has a 3 inch hole in the side of it where the chip loaded slides in. A lot of us pipe the smoke in through that hole. Cut a 3" hole in the back of a steel mailbox, insert a 3" elbow, flex pipe that to a second 3" elbow that goes into the hole on the MES. Place the lit pellet smoker into the mailbox and the smoke draws into the smoker. Looks like this
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  7. seenred

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    Man, Toby...That's some great lookin' grub, my friend!!  You must have been a very popular man at the family gathering for sure...[​IMG]
  8. Thanks. I have been doing either pork shoulder or ribs for Neal's family once a year for the last 4 or 5 years. Now I am kinda famous down here, lol
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  9. so ms smoker

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     Nice smoke Toby. Looks good!

  10. Thanks Mike, we had a wonderful evening.
  11. thanks toby! thats the first time ive seen a picture. thanks again buddy![​IMG]
  12. driedstick

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    Man!!! That looks great. good job - been so busy on the weekends have not smoked in a while need to get back on track.
  13. You're welcome! If you do a search on "mailbox mod" there are lots of pictures and step by step directions.
  14. Thanks driedstick. This was first meat smoke since the Easter Chuckies. Have been doing more grilling than smoking lately, with the exception of cheeses and Scarbelly's almonds Thumbs Up. I can't get enough of those :yahoo:
  15. GREAT thread Toby......dang, you got me mouth droolin with them pictures
  16. Thanks, it was a good meal, and an even better evening with family.
  17. pgsmoker64

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    Everything looked great!

    Almost seems a shame to waste it on in-laws...LOL  Just kiddin...I love my in-laws too!

  18. Thanks Bill, my in-laws are very good to us. I do most of the holiday and event cooking.

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