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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by dannylang, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. has anyone seen a video on cutting all bones out of the chicken, not just a spatch cock chicken, but all bones including thigh and leg also.
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    There are several on YouTube. It's really not as difficult as it might seem. Basically you spatch it, remove the keel bone and then fillet out the rib bones. I just remove the wings, but you can leave the drumettes on and just fillet out the bone by cutting up one side and carving it out. Legs and thighs are the same deal, just cut along the top of the bone and carve them out. With practice you can do a whole bird in under 5 minutes.
  3. thanks Mdboatbum, i will go and see.

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    By the way an electric knife makes short work of the backbone. And it's a little safer since you're not applying so much pressure as you do with a chef's knife. I don't have stout enough kitchen shears to go that route, but that looks like a good option too. For the rest of the bones I use a flexible fillet knife and a sharp 3" paring knife.
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    I have a good pair of kitchen shears and it is still hard to get through the back bone. I might have to try an electric knife.
  6. Hey Danny, do a step by Step on your chicken  de-boning 

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    Thumbs up on the video Jacque Pepin did. Looks like it may be difficult, but it's really not if you allow yourself the time on your first try. Sharp knife is key! I just use a super sharp 4" paring knife made by the same company as makes the swiss army knife - Victorinox! I don't cut through the backbone whatsoever.
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    Saw a you tube where a chef deboned one in 18 seconds....
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  11. thanks tropics, that looks very tastee,good job on your chicken.


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