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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by black_dog, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. black_dog

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    Going to try a batch of ring bologna and wonder if I should run a light smoke or heavy. Don't think I ever had it smoked. Need some input. Thanks Ed. As far as posting pics later. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out system and haven't been able to get it done. I'm used to going to a gallery and just putting a title down a description and press attach. I'm computer stupid.[​IMG]
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    Hey black dog.
    Not sure exactly what you mean by "ring bologna" but I'm going to look it up. For the pics if you go to and host your pic. Make sure to choose the 800x600 resolution, host the pic and then copy the 4th option down, the "IMG CODE" selection and paste it in your post.

    Ok, I see what it is now.

    The Wiki doesn't give a great description on it...
    "Ring bologna is an ambiguous term with regional dependencies. One form is produced in two inch (5 cm) diameter sausages that are normally about a foot long (30 cm). These can often be found pickled in a combination of vinegar, salt, sugar and spices. The Pennsylvania Dutch product (popular brands are Berks, Hatfield, and Kunzler) is not at all like plain, beige bologna; it is variegated with variety meats (mainly heart) and small amounts of fat and contains more spices. Kunzler produces both kinds and distinguishes between city (its Juniata brand) and old-fashioned ring bologna."

    But they sure look good...

    From Googling and such I figure they are already smoked in the package?

    If so then I would definitely go light on the smoke at least for the first time.
  3. Ring Bologna... learn something new everyday.

  4. danmcg

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    Personally I'd go on the heavy side with the smoke after they casing it dry, maybe 2-3 hours, or at least till you get the color you like.
    What type of casings are you using?.
  5. pignit

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    I've smoked a whole loaf bologna. I removed the casing. Not sure on these guys. If they hold together ok I'd probably take them out of the casing. I'd smoke them awhile and then take them out...... lather them up with sauce.. and back in the smoke for another 30 minutes.... like moink balls. But then I like bologna anyway you serve it.
  6. black_dog

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    I'm going to use curved collagen casings. As far as how to post pics, I don't know if I can figure out how to paste something. I taught myself how to use a computer so I didn't have a very good teacher.[​IMG]
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    Nice. Love ring bologna. Grew up on it in PA. Can't wait to see the pics. Miss some deer bologna
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    Black Dog - I'm just like you ( self taught ) last week I figured out how to use photobucket by going thought the steps in Erain's post . Go though all the steps by steps and it's not that bad , but don't delete the pic's from photobucket or they won't post on SMF . Leave them in there for future reference . Try it out in the Test Area in the bottom of the SMF page ( JUST FOR FUN area ) good luck .

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