Bloody Mary Chicken Wings .......Happy Preseason Saturday Fellas!

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  1. Happy Preseason Football Saturday!  You know I had to make myself some "off the hook-over-the-top-Chicken Wings!"  I think I out did myself with this wing recipe....... Bloody Mary Chicken Wings served with Savory Bloody Mary Cocktail Sauce and a extra Spicy Bloody Mary (for the cook)......My wings were oven roasted but the taste like they were pan fried.....(thank you Lord for that) I will post the recipe on my blog in a couple of days.  Here's my "wings" view. Touchdown Chargers! crap they missed the extra point....

     My platter of Bloody Mary Chicken Wings.....don't think I will share these with my neighbors!  I'm smoking pulled pork tomorrow I will share that instead...........................Go Chargers! 

    My wings, carrots and a slice of lime.....I swear these wings taste just like a Bloody Mary with a bone in it lol....

    My extra spicy Bloody Mary with a slice of lime (in the bottom of glass) and my veggies for the day!

    Be Blessed and Stay Hungry ya'll.

  2. disco

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    Another great wing innovation, Josie! Points.

  3. Thanks Disco!
  4. We are a wing family and I'll definitely be trying these. They look and sound delicious.
    Thanks, now I'm starving.
  5. Ha-ha Kyle - so sorry you are now starving.  I just answered your email regarding my Bloody Mary Chicken Wings Recipe.  I was super busy these last couple of days but I will be posting it sometime today on my blog.......Stay hungry my friend!

  6. floridasteve

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    Boy that links good! Never done wings, but I think that may change after seeing this! Can't wait to read the recipie :drool
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  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks Fantastic Josie! Nice smoke!
  8. thanks FloridaSteve.  I'm working on the recipe today.  stay tuned and stay hungry!

  9. thanks DS sorry the wings were NOT smoked.  It was to dang hot to be on the patio that day (109 degrees) so I cheated and cooked them in the oven..... please don't kick me out of the "smokers club".  I did smoke pulled pork this past weekend that should be enough to keep me in the "smokers club" lol.... checkout my pulled pork post in PORK.

  10. worktogthr

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    Really great idea! Would make a great game day snack. Maybe even a new breakfast. People drink bloody Marys in the morning right? Haha
  11. I think that's a great idea.......Bloody Mary Chicken Wings, Eggs, a couple pieces of toast with an extra large Bloody for me!  The baby on your profile pic is absolutely adorable.

    Be blessed and Stay hungry!

  12. Here's my Bloody Mary Chicken Wings recipe I just posted on my blog.  Go to this link Enjoy!

    Go Chargers (my hometown boys)

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  13. mneeley490

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    Not today, my friend. However, I will try out your wing recipe. Thanks, Josie!

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  14. awwww come on......we will see about that my friend [​IMG][​IMG]  Enjoy my wings recipe anyway.

  15. disco

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    I will be trying them next week.
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  16. great let me know how you like them D.
  17. seenred

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    Hey Josie!  

    Oh My!!!! Those look and sound delicious!  I didn't see this thread til just now...sure glad Disco gave it a bump!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe...its definitely now on my "to do" list!    [​IMG]


  18. Hey Red.......You're welcome for the recipe.  I will be sharing lots more chicken wings recipes.  checkout the other two really good too!

    Put them ALL on your "to do" list


    Be Blessed,

  19. driedstick

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    Dang it SVB That sure looks good, l will have to give them a try!! 

  20. ha-ha DS.......I love chicken wings can you tell [​IMG]

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