Blonde in the Dark

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    A Guy Is Hanging Upside Down From The Rafters At
    A Factory When A Blonde
    Walks By.

    "what Are You Doing?"she Asks.

    "i Need A Few Weeks Off",explains The Man."i'm
    Pretending To Be Nuts."

    Just Then The Boss Walks By And Sees The Man
    Dangling From The
    Are You Doing?"asks The Boss.

    "i'm A Lightbulb," Answers The Guy.

    "you're Going Crazy.take A Vacation".

    The Man Jumps Down To Leave,and The Blonde Starts
    To Follow Him.

    "where Do You Think Your Going Young Lady?"the
    Boss Asks.

    "home,"she Replies."i Can't Work In The Dark."
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    Heheh....Good one rich![​IMG]
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    Very Funny Richo!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  4. blackhawk19

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    Good One[​IMG]

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