black pepper shaker vs cafe rest. size from

Discussion in 'Peppers' started by bbqpit77, Feb 17, 2015.

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    Cafe/restaurant grind is a coarser grind. However nothing beats the taste of fresh ground whole peppercorns. I only buy whole and grind as needed in my spice grinder to the consistency I want. Hope this helps.
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    I second chewmeister. If you like black pepper, there is NOTHING better than fresh ground. Try it, you won't go back. I've found no great need to buy the "premium" peppercorns, like Tellicherry. I buy mine at WallyWorld and love 'em! I have a regular grinder for the table, and a spice (coffee) grinder for larger quantities.

    Again, try it, you won't be sorry!!!!
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    So much cheaper in bulk from the right source. I was low so I picked up a 19.5 oz package at Sam's for $6.00 about the same price as a tiny bottle at the local grocery store. I broke down and bought a dedicated spice grinder (Cuisinart) last year.

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