Bite through skin (breasts) - inspired by c farmer

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  1. Wanted to eat my computer screen the other day when I saw the thighs and drum c farmer cooked. Decided on a few breasts, though I like dark meat better, the wife only eats white so figured why complicate things...[​IMG]

    Here they are with a little EVOO, rotisserie seasoning, black pepper, and a little extra garlic powder... pregrill

    Got them on with indirect heat running the grill around 370*

    More pics to come...they're about 40 mins in and looking good, think there going to get one more flip and then hopefully the'll be at temp...then to the plate!

    Finished at around 165* and about 55 minutes... the seasoning charred a little, but not too bad.... will go a little lighter next time!

    Had a good bite through, nice and juicy for a breast, but like c time its a thigh and leg for me... [​IMG]

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  2. c farmer

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    Looks great to me.     [​IMG]

    When I cook chicken, its legs and thighs for me and the wife gets a breast.

    We are all happy.

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