big uds smoke for the weekend q view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by big game cook, Jul 8, 2009.

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    well no cut finished pics but heres a few. me and my cousin went in on this smoke. had an excel 11 lb packer brisket and a kroger 9 lb whole pork picnic. and a couple small deer roasts. they were great. they got hit fast before i even cut up the other meat. tossed these on a daybreak saturday morning. had rubbed them down friday eve and sat in fridge to soak.

    got me a new thermometer sat as well while these were on we went for sweet corn ect. heres a pic as we were re kindelig the fire midday.

    couple more later on. had two trays of bushes beans under the meat with added bacon on top. and fired up the lil smoker for 80 abts as well. filled with hot pork sausage and venison burger.

    had sweetcorn and all sorts of side goodies with it. nice little family feast then watched the coke 400. smoked with hickory at around 230 untill 7pm. pork had just hit 160 righ at the time we were supposed to eat. i wasnt worried lol. ya right.[​IMG]
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    Looks like you should be fed for some time.

    Either go big or go home!
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    Lookin' good, BGC! Man, I GOTTA get another brisket! Good load of meat there.


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