BIG SCORE, or something for Katie to get mad about...

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chef_boy812, Oct 5, 2008.

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    I havn't received it yet, it is still in Guvna's truck. But we work for a Grocery Store in the middle of a renovation and this was in storage long befor we started working there, anyways, they were going to throw it away, and Guvna scooped it up, then the nice guy said I could have it!!

    We are not sure if it works yet, and we have to put a plug on the end just a pig tail hanging, 220 I think. I am going to have an electrician look at it and make sure It hooked up right and I won't burn the house down.

    I want to install it in the utility area of the basement and vent it outside with a bathroom fan assembly.

    If it works I will be able to smoke inside the house, plus it will be right by the taps, Katie will never see me again, I will not leave the basement!
    Alto-Shaam Barbecue Meat Smoker Halo Heat Cook Hold Oven 100 lbs 767-SK

    Mfg.: Alto-Shaam
    Model #: 767-SK
    Inventory #: 28181
    [​IMG]Ask a Question[​IMG]Apply for Financing[​IMG]Print Page[​IMG]
    Additional Categories: Commercial Kitchen Equipment » Cooking Equipment » Commercial Ranges & Ovens » Cook & Hold Ovens

    Alto-Shaam cook and hold ovens are built to unwavering standards utilizing an electric thermal cable wrapped around the entire cooking and holding chamber. This element creates a gentle blanket, or halo of radiant heat, surrounding food with a uniform temperature and no air movement inside the oven cavity. This patented method of low temperature cooking, called Halo Heat, preserves the natural product moisture. This eliminates the use of drying fans inside the oven for heat distribution and humidity pans to compensate for the drying effects of fans.

    Alto-Shaam low temperature cook and hold ovens require no outside venting or oven hoods, a major cost factor in any kitchen. With only one-third to one-half the energy consumption of a standard convection or deck oven, and labor-saving set-and-forget controls, you'll see a return on your investment within a very short time.

    Features and Benefits
    100 lb / 45 kg maximum capacity
    HALO HEAT is a controlled, uniform heat source that gently cooks, holds, smokes, and surrounds food for better appearance, taste, and longer holding life.
    Smokes with real wood chips - no pressure cooking, no artificial smoke flavor.
    Smoke timer offers a choice of mild, medium, or heavy smoke flavor.
    Cooks, smokes, and holds meats, poultry, and fish.
    Cold smokes fish and cheese.
    Induces natural enzyme action in meat for tenderizing.
    Retains more product moisture and flavor.
    Provides product uniformity and consistency.
    Less energy usage than conventional ovens.
    Reduces labor and evens-out work loads.
    Non-magnetic stainless steel interior, racks, and shelves resist corrosion.
    Stackable design for additional capacity.
    Legs not included.

    Single compartment oven with 20 gauge, non-magnetic stainless steel exterior and door. Door includes a positive-catch door latch and a 12" x 16" (305mm x 406mm) tempered glass window. Oven interior includes completely removable, non-magnetic stainless steel side racks and wire shelves, along with a removable stainless steel drip pan with drain and a wood chip container. Oven is furnished with an exterior, front mounted stainless steel drip tray and one (1) sample bag each of cherry, hickory, apple & maple wood chips.

    Warranty: Alto Shaam backs its Cook and Hold Ovens with a 5-year warranty on all cook and hold heating elements.

    Available in 125 V.A.C. - 60 Hz, 1 ph, 2100 Watts, 16.8 Amps or 208-240 V.A.C., 60 Hz, 1 ph, 3000 Watts (maximum) or 220 V.A.C. - 50 Hz, 1 phase
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    Nice score. curious though the specs say that it needs no exhaust hood or outside venting but you're using wood chips.
  3. trent741

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    I am also curious[​IMG] , how come no venting needed if using wood chips........
  4. richtee

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    Hmmm that's a BIG BUCK unit there... only thing I can figger is it uses very LITTLE wood...and re-circs the smoke. Like a few chips for the entire process. Interesting.
    I bet BBally or WilliamZanzinger have experience with these units...
  5. earache_my_eye

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    I used one similar to that at the restaurant I worked that time I had NO idea what I was doing.....but, it should turn out some really good Q......and the only venting it should need is if you open the door.

    I certainly wouldn't turn it down for'll have lots of fun with that unit.....[​IMG]

  6. slickrat

    slickrat Smoke Blower

    It would seem that no matter how hard you try, you would never be able to vent ALL of the smoke outside, and your utility area would eventually start looking like the inside of a smoker! [​IMG]
  7. wow - that's $4,699 with discount.
    Very Nice score indeed.
    In fact looking at it - you could replace your conventional oven with it and smoke as well.
    Looks like it uses way less power than conventional ovens.

    The not needing a vent is weird as it definitely states it smokes. Be very interedted to find our how that works :)
    But major congrats on the score :)

    Actually it's got 'set and forget' controls. So you'd spend more time with katie - not less ;-)
  8. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Talk about random points... I gotta give them for THIS comment! POINTS!
  9. kookie

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    Nice find.......Great deal and hope it works out for you......
  10. lol well you got to mention these things to women ;-) That way she'll think you've made a point of getting this thing for her sake :)
    It ain't lying - it's telling the RIGHT truth ;-)
    But really interested in how it smokes.
  11. supervman

    supervman Smoking Fanatic

    Nice deal Man!
    Hopefully the thing has a LONG and successful life for you.
    Wifey won't mind when she tastes your smokes.

    Good luck with it.
  12. ronp

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    Wow, that thing is the Cadillac in the restaurant industry. From looking at the specs you may need a seperate circut breaker for that thing.

    I always wanted one but couldn't rationalize the price tag.

    Good luck and have fun with it. It will do some great ribs, or anything for that matter.

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