Big Bry's Western Style BBQ video

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    Recently watched a video by this name (available via Netflix if anyone is a member). While it didn't really offer any spectacular information, he made some good food using oak - including some game meats - and he was pretty entertaining. They had these captions on the screen as he was talking that were pretty funny. Anyway, here's the Netflix description of the video, which is pretty silly (who the heck doesn't know the difference between a dry rub and a wet sauce?):

    Big Bry (aka Bryon Davis) is your host for this mouthwatering, hands-on lesson in the fine art of Western-style barbecue. So you don't understand the difference between a dry rub and a wet sauce? After spending some time in Big Bry's kitchen, you'll know everything you need to put an entire feast on the table, including steaks, chicken and, of course, pork ribs. Throw on an apron, grab some tongs and get ready to fire up that grill!
  2. I watched that also on Netflix, different way of cooking but the food looked great.

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