Bhut Jolokia anyone?

Discussion in 'Peppers' started by ncdodave, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. ncdodave

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    I went to the ISE sports show in Sacramento last month to teach Dutch oven cooking for 4 days. I found a bottle of Bhut powder that was being sold for $30 an ounce. The guy let me do some tasting of other hot powders and sauces to be sure I knew what i was doing with handeling and tasting hot peppers. After passing his tests, he dipped a toothpick into water and flicked off the extra water than very gently dipped the very tip into the powder. It had an aroma similar to chipotle so i wonder if this powder was indeed smoked.
    There was not very much powder on that tooth pick and knowing what 1.5 million scoville units could be like (mind you I love red savina and scotch bonnet peppers are my fav at .5 million) touched the end of that toothpick to my tongue. the gentleman said it slowly creeps up on you and man he wasnt kidding. I told him it was just like chipotle then he said" give it another minute". I did and the heat came on like that campfire where you warm your feet and dont realize youre melting the soles off your boots then step down and feel the pain. I loved it! gentle warming sensation with no bitterness but a smokey peppery aftertaste similar to a mango. but as that bhut warms up your tongue the heat keeps increasing! I had enough to feel the heat equal to my scotch bonnets and even brought a dried pepper i was cooking with to compare.
    For those of you interested in growing, I know I will this year it is a pepper that is got the heat and needs to be handled 10X more carefully than a habanero or scotch bonnet. I already ordered 3 plants from cross country nurseries through a link i found somewhere around here. I got to tell ya! 1/8 tsp. is enough for 5 gallons of chili!

    Fatback Joe! this is the pepper your wife will love you for and its heat!
  2. rsands

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    looks like fun, not!

  3. pigcicles

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    I love the heat from those. But I'm kind of freaky that way. It does kind of creep up on you though. Good luck with growing them this year. How about reposting that link if you get the time.
  4. darrin

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    Sounds too hot for me!
  5. Yeah, aren't those the peppers that the use to ward off elephants in India? Seriously, I've read somewhere that that is what they're used for. Crazy're a brave man!
  6. ncdodave

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    here's the link again:
    for the powder: Im waiting to see if i will be able to post his info. the powder is $30.00/oz plus shipping.
  7. jdoe44

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    I saw a show on the Food Network with those. There was a restaurant in Boston that had a 'Hell Night' every halloween and they served a pasta made with Ghost Chilis (aka Bhut Jolokia)

    I wouldn't mind growing some to see if I couldn't scare critters away from eating my landscaping...
  8. alx

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    I grew 3 last year from seeds i purchased from NewMexicoStateUniv.Took forever to mature but the two folks who tried them definetly will not forget.I am going to use for black bear repellent this summer around my coolers when camping.
  9. smoke freak

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    When my seeds arived in the mail the had a couple of flakes of pepper in there also. These flakes werent much bigger than the seeds.

    Being a chile head... OK I ate the flakes and let me tell ya...
    Like the Hab that it seemed at first to be no big deal. Then it stood up and grabbed my tounge and wouldnt let go.
    I love it!
    Then it started to subside. Then it it came back even stronger. Then mellow. Then Hell Fire!!!! Oh Yeah! Maybe 20 minutes, maybe more. I cant wait for more....

    Yeah Im that sick....
  10. ncdodave

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    Smoke freak,
    being sick can certainly be a wonderful thing![​IMG]
  11. rivet

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    Hey, if the back of your neck ain't sweatin', it ain't hot enough; that's my personal rule.

    Sounds like these have flavor plus heat and not just citrus-white heat of a true habanero. Man, a teaspoon would last forever....

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