best way to defrost a frozen turkey?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by meltyface, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I'm getting really frustrated, I have a turkey I would like to smoke sometime this month but the only one I could find at the store was a frozen rock. What is the best way to defrost this thing so that I can use it. I've had it in the fridge for 2 days and it's still a chunk of ice!!

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    Good link. I thaw turkey at a rate of 5 hours per pound.
  4. smokebuzz

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    In a sink, with cold water.
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    I do the cold water treatment my self. Thats a good link dave thanks.
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    I put the frozen bird in a large pan on the top shelf in the fridge on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Early on either SAT or SUN morning, whichever day I'm smoking, I take it out and put it in a sinkful of room temp water while I fire up the smoker.

    I come in, unwrap it, pull the neck and giblets out of it and any remaining ice in the cavity. Rinse it well and good to go!

    You're ready to put some cranberries ( or a quartered onion, or lemon, or orange) in that puppy and let her smoke on!

  7. Thanks Dave that answered my questions. Thought I was pretty much screwed...Well looks like I might be able to cook by Monday[​IMG]
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    Go ahead and get a frozen burd and place it under "running"cold water . It will take 3-4hrs., but will still be safe to cook. Remember to give it a bath before the sacrificial ceremony.[​IMG]

    Good luck and SMOKE HAPPY[​IMG]
    Stan aka Old School BBQ
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    i'd hate to see that water bill[​IMG]
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    If you had a deadline I would say go the water route. If not place it in your fridge and let it thaw. It will take several days but it will thaw at a nice slow rate which is better and there is no chance of the outside being too warm for too long while the inside is frozen solid which can happen with a big turkey in the sink. I guess it all comes down to when you need to smoke it and if you have fridge space to spare.
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    Well...this is me Mikey...I got a really good cooler. Bird in cover with water & monitor. Close lid & pull when ya think. I keep it in a cool area in the house....air conditioned. It work's for me & salmonella yet!
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    You don't need to have the water running on full. Only a trickle is all you will need. Only purpose is to keep the water moving and temperatures even so once you fill the bucket a little trickle will be enough.
    There is hardly a chain type restaurant in this country that doesn't have to quick thaw meat at some point and that is the safest most effective way.
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    I like to set mine out on the back deck all day while I go to work on a 90*+ degree day. That usually thaws it right out.

    Awwww come on now. I'm just kidding. Obviously you're getting good advice .
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    I spent my first thanksgiving away from home (in University) sitting in a bathtub with cold running water and a thawing turkey...

    I was being punished by the house hold for something, that I can't quite remember...

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