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Discussion in 'Curing' started by planetdan, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, if this isn't the appropriate place to ask this, just let me know. 

    I am looking for a really good over the counter pink curing salt. I am a retailer and get asked for it many times and currently don't carry it. 

    I am looking for ideas on a particular brand. What Amazon sells doesn't help me. I need to know who makes it so I can contact them directly to order it. 

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

  2. alblancher

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    Brand shouldn't mater.   It's like asking the brand of 24 carat gold.   There is a standard amount of Sodium nitrite mixed with a standard amount of salt and dye.

    If you are looking for cure mixes brand makes a big difference
  3. Do you want to buy in bulk or do you want Cure #1 that's prepacked for retail.....something you can just put your label on?

  4. Neither really. I don't want to buy in bulk and I don't want to private label. I just want to get a decent retail curing salt to sell in my store.
  5. danmcg

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    Try Butcher&Packer, Waltons, or Allied Kenco.
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  6. Hmmmm...I'm confused.
    How do you intend to sell it?
    Surely you don't want to pay retail and then resell it...right?
  7. I own a retail store. I am looking for specific brands to check into reselling in my store. I do not buy it retail. I pay wholesale since I am a reseller. But not being one to use curing salt myself, I had no idea what over the counter brand is the best. 
  8. LEM and A.C. Legg have 4 oz. packs available.
    Con Yeager Spice has 1 and 2 oz packs available.
  9. foamheart

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    I use Butchers & Packers, because most of the butcher suppliers are less expensive that any of the spice companies. And unless I am mistaken they are all regulated so all cure #1 domestic has to meet certain guidelines.

    And buy plenty it grows on you. On, yeah, one pound? I need micro ounces....... LOL

    I frist bought a pound, I have since bought 5 pounds. You just got to experiment with it on everything. Wait till you try cure plus maple syrup on chicken thighs........OMG!
  10. dls1

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    I've been using cure #1 (and #2) for years and have never seen a specific "Brand" name, and frankly, I doubt that one exists. I get my supplies from Butcher & Packer, but there are many other sources out there. Regardless of who sells it, it's all the same stuff, and I doubt that any of the common sources make their own mix. What you need to do is find a producer and/or wholesale distributor, buy it in bulk, and repackage and resell in smaller quantities as they do.
  11. Agreed.

    I had a bratwurst session planned so I could give them out at Christmas, and someone either threw away or I hid it VERY GOOD so no one accidentally used it for some reason. I found a jar (3.6 oz.) at Williams Sonoma for the same as a pound from Sausage maker
  12. Dan, thanks for the info. I have reached out to those companies for wholesale pricing. Hopefully I can bring some of what they have in my store. :) 
  13. danmcg

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    If you're dealing with first time curers you might want to look into Martins suggestions. Smaller packages might a better seller, as an ounce will cure 25 lb's. Good luck.

  14. thatcho

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    Gosh, I love the great advice on this forum!
  15. zalbar

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  16. daveomak

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    Zalbar, afternoon..... It's important to note.... Canadian cures may have a different percent of nitrate and/or nitrate from the US stuff and calculations must be made when changing cures....

  17. zalbar

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    It's 6.25% nitrite or nitrate depending on which you get. Standard cure percentages.
  18. daveomak

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    Well, I was in a discussion with a meat producer a couple days ago from Canada and he told me his cure was 5% nitrite......... There is not a standard cure percentage.... I get cure mixed with sugar etc. and the cure is 0.75% nitrite from my butcher/meat supplier.... Check out the link to the supplier and the % nitrite in the cure..... Not trying to be an a-hole.... just want everyone to make safe food..... Dave

    Originally Posted by madman mike View Post

    Sorry, we used F.S Cure.
    This supplier actually recommend a ratio of 3.5% when using this product.

    Its not pink like most #1 cures.

    Sorry about the confusion

    Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicon Dioxide (mfg. aid). Contains: 5% Sodium Nitrite. - See more at:
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  19. zalbar

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    Being safe is the most important thing, however the standard cure #1/ #2 /pink salt /prague powder and percentage has always been 6.25%
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  20. Dan, P.S. Seasonings in Wi and Waltons in Ks have a comercial branch/ division whatever, they will package seasoning or blend one for you, I'm sure they can wil package small amounts for you to sell. Hope this helps.


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